Thursday, 15 January 2015

A busy Wednesday

As I get back into the weekly routine I seem to be busier than ever but I've been determined and successful so far to do some sewing everyday. With that in mind I started my Wednesday be cutting the borders for my Star Trek quilt and adding a few stitches to my cross stitch project. I didn't have much time as Lucy and I had tickets for an exhibition at The British Museum.

As you can see it was a nice bright winter's day and there were a lot of tourists visiting the museum. We had gone to see the 'Germany: memories of a nation' exhibition which looked at a 600 year history in objects. At school I had learnt about The Holy Roman Empire and Prussia and Pomerania but because it wasn't taught in chronological order I had been completely confused. Add to that the problem of the geographical areas seeming to change their name on a regular basis I had just switched off. This exhibition was laid out logically and had many beautifully crafted objects to view. The exhibition was very crowded, probably because it finishes on the 25th January, and so it was very slow going. By the time we had seen it all my legs were aching and we were completely shattered. However I really enjoyed it and memories of what I had learnt at school came back to me and now make sense.

If we hadn't been going off to run Rainbows, Brownies and Guides we may have called in at the pub opposite the museum to revive ourselves.

Walking back to the underground we passed a fabulous art shop and just had to have a look round.

It was such a lovely old world type shop but had an amazing range of art supplies and I'm told boasts a well known client base including Damian Hirst. Lucy bought one of their leather bookmarks and I got Katy a diary but didn't buy any art supplies as I not sure what I need. Guess that means I need to go back again soon (with my piggy bank.)

Once home again there was time for a quick cup of tea before going and running the Guide meetings. This term our theme is world traveller so we have activities organised from various countries, some games, crafts and food to try as well as learning more about the lives of the people there. It should be a fun term.

At 10 pm home at last, there was time for a little more work on my cross stitching before bed.
Wednesdays always leave me feeling tired but happy.


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  1. Wow! What a busy day! The art store looks fabulous.