Sunday, 11 January 2015

Moving at Warp Speed

Saturday was a good sewing day. To start the day i decided to cut out the pattern pieces for the green jacket. I use the dining table for my sewing at present and cutting out dressmaking patterns is quite difficult because it's oval so part of the fabric falls over the edges at the ends. I always lay the pattern pieces out and pin it roughly in place just to check it all fits as the cutting layout shows. Then I go back and check the grainline is correct and the pins aren't puckering the fabric.

I haven't done any dressmaking for a while and it was very strange using scissors for cutting out. When I first started using the rotary cutter for quilting I didn't think I would get used to it but it is so much quicker and more accurate than scissors.

Even using scissors I soon had a pile of pattern pieces cut and ready for me to do the tailor tacks to mark the darts. I cut the notches on the pattern (used to line up the pattern pieces accurately) so they stick out as it makes it easier to  match them. I still have to cut the interfacing and the lining. To be truthful i actually need to buy the lining as the fabric shop didn't have anything suitable. I'll look tomorrow as I'm going to Reading for work and there is a fabric shop there. Oh I also need to remember buttons.

Whilst the house was being rewired my machine has sat under the stairs. This area used to be a cupboard but is currently open as we are remodelling it. When I pulled the machine out the case was covered in dust but thankfully the machine was clean inside. The case has now been cleaned and all the dust is gone. I'm hoping that having the new kitchen fitted next week won't make too much dust and mess.

Rather than start the sewing on the jacket I decided I would add the sashing to the Star Trek quilt. All the blocks were made but I needed to cut and add sashing and a border. My fancy quilting calculator gave me the answer to how many sashing strips to cut with just a couple of keystrokes. I had to give my cutting board a good clean before I could start. I've been meaning to do this for a while but it's another of those jobs that gets put off. The sashing went together very quickly with the machine running at warp speed. This quilt has 9 blocks each 24inches square which meant all the seams were straight and long. The block with the enterprises flying off is the centre block. Unfortunately I didn't get the top square on my bed to take the photo but you get the idea.. 

Having added the sashing I decided to put the machine away for the day and catch up on my emails and other little jobs. I also needed to do some thinking as I've been asked to make a tactile quilt for a two year old boy who can make out colours and large shapes but not a lot else. This should be a fun project to do.

It was great fun playing on my machine again. I hope you've had time for some sewing this weekend.



  1. I really like that green you are using for your jacket.

  2. My husband would like that Star Trek quilt. Trekkies never grow up,so I think your quilt will be treasured for many years.

  3. Gosh! Your machine wasn't the only thing going at warp speed, you were pretty nifty yourself :)

  4. Isn't it nice to have your machine back after an absence? Your green jacket is going to be so pretty. I haven't done any garment sewing in decades. Lately I've been thinking about making some pajama bottoms. We'll see.

  5. That sounds like a very productive, sewing related day!