Sunday, 26 April 2015

Happily stitching.

Yesterday evening, once I'd had dinner I put the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice on and settled down to some hand stitching. Scamp was curled up on my lap and Picasso stretched out along the back of my chair. Just the three of us at home for the evening. It was bliss.

I did a little work on the cross stitch but it isn't easy when watching TV. Having to count the threads meant I lost track of the story. Well not so much when watching Pride and Prejudice since I know all of the script for the 6 hours. The girls and I have watched it so often since it was first shown. The girls wore out two videos and one DVD set of it but still love it as much as ever. 

Over the evening I finished most of the redwork and the bit that was left was finished this morning. Then it was time to wash off the fabric solvy and dry the block.

Once that block was finished I decided to set up the new block straight away whilst I'm in a hand stitching mood. Here's the next block. I still have 4 blocks to do including this one.

This has now been printed onto fabric solvy and finger pressed onto my fabric. All ready to go a little later this evening.

Today I also made 10  of the nine patch blocks needed for the snowball quilt. Only 40 more blocks needed. I shall have to cut some more 2 and half inch squares from my scraps as I'm running out. Not a problem as I have a lot of scraps needing to be used up.

Finally I got round to making the purple blocks for April for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. This year I'm making 4 blocks a month of Churn Dash. I forgot to take a photo so I'll do that for next time.

I'm linking this post with Kathy's Quilts for Slow Sunday stitching. This week she has some fabulous beading on her blog. No I really mustn't start another project! 

Hope you've had an enjoyable weekend. This week I'm hoping to fit some sewing in on Tuesday and Thursday as I'm not working those days and I may get to finish up the Star trek quilt. Now for the last bit of Pride and Prejudice and a little more hand stitching.



  1. I love your redwork. What an adorable pattern! I'm with you on pride and prejudice- my favourite Jane Austin and the bbc version is best. Still what's not to like about Colin firth?

  2. You have been busy Lyndsey! Love the redwork designs :-)

  3. Your "attack dogs" pic is pretty much my house....two goldens and only the younger one would bark then lick you to death!! Great stitching, I find hand work so relaxing!!

  4. Well, your stitcheries are just darling. I just love those Bird Brain Designs redwork pieces. I haven't seen these dog ones before. Very cute.