Sunday, 17 April 2016

Not so slow Sunday

Today I have been a woman on a mission. I needed to do several household chores. First some laundry so it is lucky that the weather is warm and dry today. I love being able to dry clothes out on the line rather than using the dryer. So first load on the line, refill machine and then iron some items I'd washed earlier in the week.

In between times I had to answer the door to take delivery of Richard's 3D printer. This afternoon he set it up and it is printing away at the moment. It's a little noisy but such fun technology. 

Next I sat and marked the final essays from the first batch. Tomorrow I can now send the marks to the administrator and they can go to the external examiner and so to the examination board. Unfortunately I have another set waiting to be marked and two more sets coming in this week. I'll start the next set tomorrow and plan to mark so many a day. At 3000 words each they take a lot of reading.

Having got that job out of the way I was free to move to the sewing machine. I trimmed the baby quilt and got it all nicely squared up. Then I was able to attach the binding. I find preparing binding quite therapeutic and the job always goes fairly quickly. In no time the binding was attached and I moved the machine away. Any stitching happening for the rest of the day will be hand stitching. I've made the binding from the same fabric I've used for the backing. I'm using those delightful clips to hold the binding in place whilst I stitch. They are great and no risk of stabbing myself with the pins!

That will probably take me most of the evening but I also need to do my 5 knitting rows. Before any of that I'm off to find the cattitudes cross stitching I started some time ago.

I need this for a project I have in mind. I'll tell you more about it in a couple of weeks time when I have the plan clear in my head. This is how much I'd done when I switched it out to work on a different piece.

I also decided to take part in 'Another little quilt swap 10'. I took part in a swap a couple of years ago and made this piece as my swap.

I set out to take part in the last swap but my piece got adopted by my daughter as a present for a friend. Unfortunately I didn't take a photo of it.

Another Little Quilt Swap

If you want to take part in this swap you can find the information here

This weekend has been a success as I've got some of my household chores done, I've quilted the baby quilt and have the binding attached to the front. I just need to hand stitch the back. I've finished my marking so can spend the rest of the evening hand stitching or knitting and that means if there's anything interesting on TV I can sit and watch it......oh I think I have a couple of programmes recorded that I haven't seen yet. So just dinner to organise and I can settle down with Scamp on my lap.  Heaven!

I hope your weekend has been gone the way you planned (or better). I'm linking this post with Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching



  1. Your Catitudes piece is very cute, and I like your swap quilt. I'm participating in that one too.

  2. I find binding to be therapeutic too!
    Love the Cattitudes project!