Wednesday, 13 April 2016

WIP and Q2 goals

Saturday was supposed to be my sewing day but John's father wasn't well so we went to visit him. We were pleased to find him in good spirits and much better than we had been told. As a result of doing no sewing over the weekend I was excited to get my machine out this morning.

My first job was to give the machine a good clean as it was suffering from fluff overload. Once done the machine was purring nicely and producing a lovely even stitch. I really wanted to get on with my quilting but I need to make my kitchen curtains. A while back I bought this cute fabric.

I had cut the lengths of fabric and lining I needed and so it sat, waiting for the painting and other bits of the kitchen to be finished.

My first job today was to join the main fabric. The window is a big bay and I'm using a double width of fabric for each curtain. I took care to cut the lengths of fabric so the pattern matched so all I needed to do was match the pattern at the join.  I was very pleased with the result although you can see that it isn't completely right on the red teapot.

Having done that it was a relatively quick job to attach the lining to the main fabric and add the curtain header.

I need to stitch the hem, give them a good press and the curtains will be all done. That will have to wait until the weekend.

My kitchen also has a smaller window that I want to make a roman blind for. I'm using the same fabric. I measured the window carefully and worked out how I was going to cut my fabric but I decided to leave this for the weekend. When measurements are crucial I like to leave them for a while, and then go back and recheck my figures. That way it reduces (slightly) the chance I'll make a mistake.

I was going to visit my local quilt shop today as I need some wadding and backing fabric for my baby quilt, however I got a phone call from the blood donor centre asking if I could donate today so I altered my plans. I'm feeling very good because it was my 100th donation.

2016 button 250 best

I spent a little time deciding on my goals for this quarter. I need a few finishes as they have been very few so far this year. So between now and June I want to;

1. Finish the baby quilt for Maria.

The top is all finished and on Saturday I'll buy the wadding and backing fabric. I know how I want to quilt this. Maria's baby is due the end of June but she is hoping to work until early June.

2. Finish the knitted baby blanket.

I started this blanket when we got back from holiday on the 2nd April. It is a large square blanket and so far I've knitted a seventh of the rows. I'm trying to do at least half an hours knitting each day.

3. Quilt 'It's a dogs life' quilt

I finished this last year and put it away for a while. I'm looking forward to quilting this.

4. Finish quilting the 9 patch.

This quilt was made using my rainbow scrap blocks from 2014. I started the quilting but baby quilts needed making and so took priority.

5. Kitchen curtains.

I've included these as they will be finished in this time period. I'm not adding a picture as there's one at the top of the post.

I'm linking this post with Leanne from She can quilt for the 2nd quarter 2016 Finish a long 

I'm working the rest of the week so there will be minimal stitching until the weekend. Roll on Saturday!



  1. The kitchen curtain fabric is great. It would probably be impossible to find such perfect curtains readymade in the shops.

  2. Love the curtain fabric, anxious to see finished kitchen.