Monday 11 April 2016

Slowly stitching.

During my holiday, which already feels as if it was months ago, I worked on my hand stitching. I had considered taking my machine with me but I'm pleased I didn't. Instead I took my christmas tree cross stitch and my millennium sampler. I managed to do some work on both and I also bought some wool to knit a baby blanket. I haven't seen my christmas tree cross stitch since I got home so this weekend I must track it down.The bag where I'd put it was unpacked for me and it was put away but not where I keep my stitching!  So I can't show my stitching on that piece but I also worked on the millennium sampler and that I unpacked myself. I have 4 squares to complete and I made a start on the spitfire. It doesn't look as if I did very much but there are a lot of stitches in the square even though it isn't complete. In addition I did some back stitching on other areas of the piece.

I was only able to stitch during the day as the lighting was very poor in the evening. Normally I like to sit and stitch whilst watching TV

Since getting home I haven't touched the work as I've been knitting. I bought this pattern and yarn whilst on holiday. 

I didn't start knitting until we got home as I hadn't taken any needles with me but since then I've done some knitting every day. This weekend we went to Suffolk to visit John's father. He's 91 years old and has developed a few health problems.

I took my knitting with me as it's easy to do whilst chatting.The pattern is quite straightforward once you've got it set and I'm pleased with how this is knitting up. So the whole weekend was spent slow stitching . As I haven't done any knitting for a while I'm really enjoying the activity.

Yesterday when we got back from Suffolk we took Scamp for a walk and the sight of the bluebells starting to open made me so happy.

There were only a few in flower at the moment but in the near future they will form a beautiful blue carpet.

I'm linking this post with Kathy for Slow Sunday Stitching. I'll be back tomorrow as I try and catch up with my machine stitching.


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  1. I like the pattern that you are knitting in the cream wool - lovely. Is it for you?

    I don't take my sewing machine away on holiday, just a little stitching to do now and then.