Saturday, 7 May 2016

A Scrappy May

Oophs it already May 7th and I haven't sorted out my priorities for the month. I have several projects I would like to get finished this month but being realistic I will only be able to finish a couple.  First up is my goal for the month.

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I want to finish the quilting on the 9 square scrappy quilt I made for the RSC 2014.  I didn't stitch the blocks together until late 2015 so the UFO isn't that old.

I have already started the quilting  and I've kept it very simple.

There is a long weekend at the end of the month plus I have several free evening so this should get done.

I am also taking part in a blog hop in early June at Seams to be sew.


I have a project organised for this but I need to get it made. This isn't a large project so should be made with time to spare.

So the two above projects are a definite work on this month. I will also be continuing the knitted baby blanket for Maria. This is a projects I work on mainly in the evening and odd moments. It's slow but steady progress.

Anyone who follows my blog will know I tend to work on several things at a time and I will be continuing to work on my mini 9 patch quilt. This is for a baby due in September so I have lots of time. I now know the baby is a girl so I'll be adding in more pink and it makes choosing the backing fabric much easier.

The squares are all going to finish at 4 1/2 inches. 

Finally as always I will work on my scrappy blocks for the RSC. This month's colour is green. I have quite a few green scraps so I shall get started on these a little later today. At the moment I catching up on reading some blogs and relaxing as I spent the day teaching a first aid course for my guide county. It's always a fun course to run but at the same time very tiring after a full week at work. It also meant I missed out on a lot of the sunshine. As the weather has warmed up here in London I've been watching it from behind glass and have generally only got to enjoy it after work. I hope it stays good for tomorrow.

I'm linking this post with Heidi for One Monthly Goal I find it helps me focus on completing at least one project over the month.


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  1. This is the first I have seen your 2014 quilt, I absolutely love it! How is the quilting coming along?
    I have been playing with green scraps too!