Friday 13 May 2016

An evening out.

Last night John and I had tickets for a Ralph McTell concert at the Royal Albert Hall.

It's such a fabulous building. We travelled up to town on the underground as it's much quicker than driving plus we have free travel as we are over 60. The day had been sunny and warm and that continued well into the evening. As always we went early as we would rather spend some time exploring  than having to rush at the last minute. We walked across into Kensington Gardens so I could take a photo of the Albert Memorial. The gold was really shining out in the sunlight.

I couldn't take the picture from the front due to the position of the sun. We always look across to the memorial when we go to the Albert Hall but we haven't walked round it in years. Usually things seem smaller than you remember them but oddly this seems much bigger. There are statutes at each of the corners but I only took a photo of one of them. I choose this one because I love the expression on the elephant's face.

We walked round the Albert hall and in one of the streets we found this house.

This building was home to the Royal College of Organists between 1903 and 1991.

The concert was amazing and the music evoked so many memories. 

Today was a day off and I had plans to get a lot done. I  wanted to organise some of my scraps and make sure I have enough 2 1/2 inch squares in green for this month's RSC. I spent several hours ironing, cutting and sorting my scrap fabrics. I found more green scraps than I thought I had so tomorrow I will sew the blocks together. I also cut  green strings as I had a lot of long thin pieces of fabric. I've not made a string quilt yet but I really mustn't start another project. Whilst I was sorting fabric I found several pieces that were perfect for an I spy quilt. It's going to be fun finding the best fabrics. Tomorrow I'm all ready to stitch a lot of blocks.


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  1. Wow...incredible architecture. I love seeing pictures of your city/country. Someday I'm hoping we'll get a chance to visit.