Sunday 8 May 2016

Slow Stitching Sunday

It's definitely spring here in London with lovely warm temperatures and lots of sunshine. We enjoyed a walk over the common with Scamp this morning and it felt so nice to have the sun on my face. The egyptian geese had chicks,

The Hawthorne was in full bloom,

The downside was the streaming eyes and croaky voice. Never mind I'll put up with the inconvenience to enjoy the weather.

Having walked Scamp I had some work to do. I needed to email some student feedback and run through my teaching for tomorrow. Then it was time to do some sewing. First I unpicked and restitched  a row on the background for my mini quilt. Then I cut out the cats and fused them to the background. I had problems with the fusible sheet as it didn't stick very well to the fabric. This is the second time I've used it and the second time I've had problems. I ended up using my trusty glue stick. I must remember to buy some new fusible  as I have more applique to do

My plan for this evening is to  hand applique the cats and if I have time left to do some more of my knitting.  I'm very happy with how this little quilt is progressing and can't wait to finish it.


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