Thursday 25 May 2017

A Finish at last

I haven't had many finishes this year but then I haven't had a lot of time or energy for sewing. This week I almost had two! Well I could have done if the week had gone as planned.  My finish for the week is Hildegard. She has been great fun to work on and we have become good friends over the month. 

As I've finished her a little early I'm going to work on one of the bag ladies from earlier in the year. The lady for January was Ernestine.

I did hardly any stitching on Ernestine but then January was the most peculiar month of my life. I'm only going to work on her until June 1st.

My almost finish is my new tote bag.

I've finished the quilting and stitched the side seams. I had the whole of Wednesday free and planned to sew all day but as usual my plans ended up changing. Lucy received an invitation to a wedding this weekend and hadn't completely organised her outfit so on Wednesday morning we went shopping. By the time we got home I was a little tired so needed a nap before we left to run Rainbows, Brownies and Guides.  No chance to finish the bag and I'd hoped to use it this weekend. Next week I'm taking a week's leave so there will be sewing time plus the chance to catch up on some long overdue jobs.

Here in London we are enjoying beautiful sunny weather with temperatures of 26 degrees Celsius. I hope it continues over the bank holiday weekend as we have a weekend away planned. 



  1. Hildegard looks great. Hope your time away is fun and will look forward to seeing your finished tote. The fabrics look really nice.

  2. Your ladies are sweet. If I keep buying fabric I'll end up like one of them:)

  3. With January being the life changing month it was, it's no wonder you hardly got any stitching done that month. In fact, I wonder if you are quite ready to work on your January bag lady just yet? Speaking from experience, it took me an awful long time to finally get back to projects that I was working on when I received my own diagnosis.
    I'm so pleased that you are stitching, and have lovely projects planned, such as your lovely new bag. Just remember to pace yourself, as your energy levels are probably still a little low. Sending you hugs from New Zealand.