Monday 1 May 2017

A very dusty week

This week I had intended to do a lot of hand stitching. I really wanted to completely finish the April bag lady Gertrude as I am so close to the end. Silly me what an impossibility. I realised our windows were being replaced, I mean who wouldn't when it had been in the diary for weeks. What I did forget was just how much dust the process would create. The guys who installed the windows were very good and cleaned up after each days work but that doesn't help with the dust in the air which settled in a thick layer on everything over the evening. The dust got into Scamp's and now that it's all finished he needs a bath. He also kept sticking his nose in the dust and choking himself, silly dog!  Picasso has been much more sensible, spending a lot of his time outside and when in doors only settling on places that have already been cleaned. Anyway the evenings were spent damp dusting to keep the dust down for all our sake's. The joys of having work done on a house that was built in 1880! 

So on Saturday evening having spent the day cleaning the downstairs (need to finish cleaning upstairs) I settled with Scamp on my lap and Gertrude in my hands and did a little stitching. Yesterday we went out walking for most of the day but once home and a little more stitching got done. Gertrude is almost finished and I've really enjoyed sewing her. I will be working on her over the next few days just to get her finished. I'm not sure which is the next bag lady so I must check out Barbara's post over at Catpatches  If you haven't visited Barbara's blog before you should check it out. It's a great mixture of quilting, cooking (yummy recipes), trips, cats and lots more.

I need to find my flesh coloured floss. I bought it specifically for this project but I've put it somewhere safe and can't remember where. I suppose it is always possible that I was so organised that I wound it onto the bobbin and put it into my embroidery thread box? 

Today is a bank holiday here in the UK so no work for me but I have a couple of bits I need to do for work in order to ensure my day goes well tomorrow. Once that's done and Scamp has been for his walk I can get on with a couple more blocks and then some hand stitching. 

I'm linking this post with Kathy from Kathy's Quilts for her  Slow Sunday Stitching linkup.



  1. Thanks for that nice little shout out. Gertrude is looking great. Don't forget to link up, as the Linky party is live right now. Kitties and handstitching are very good companions.

  2. Gertrude is a character indeed... love the feather in her hat!