Sunday 14 May 2017

Stitching and knitting.

Before I start my post for today I'd like to apologise to those of you who have left me comments but I haven't replied to. I was going through my email account and found several comments from April that I seem not to have replied to. I really do appreciate each and every comment you post but every so often my brain has a little melt down and I seem to forget what I was going to do. My family tell me it's due to the chemotherapy and although I don't like to admit it I think they might be right. I have read all the comments posted as they come into my phone but I find it easier to write replies on the computer as it is quicker and unfortunately this is where the memory falls down. I will try much harder in the future to respond to all your comments but please bear with me until normal service is resumed some time in July. 

Last Sunday I decided to make a new tote bag using the fabric and pattern from my treat box. Today I took some time to sew the strips together and add the fabric for the base of the bag. These have now been basted to the wadding and tomorrow I will quilt the back and the front. I only based around the outside of the pieces as they are relatively small.

Over the week I have been working on Hildegard and I'm really pleased with how she is looking. When I started the embroidery I thought she was a rather dull character but as I've worked on her I have grown to realise she is another colourful lady. I'm hoping to get her finished by the end of this week.

This week I have also pulled out my knitting. I haven't touched this jumper I'm making for John since the beginning of the year. Not fully sure why but I have realised that I haven't really worked on projects that I had in play when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Now this is just silly as I have lots of things that need to be moved forward and finished. John's jumper is just one of them. Here's the pattern I'm knitting

and this is the first sleeve I was knitting. I've finished the sleeve up to the raglan shaping and it's ready to join into the body which is knitted on circular needles. I've never knitted a jumper this way before so I had expected to finish it quickly as I like the challenge of a new technique.

Tonight I've started the second sleeve. It's good to get back to some unfinished projects and I'm hoping to work on some other old projects over the next few weeks. In particular I have a lot of embroidery projects to complete.

I'm linking this post with Kathy from Kathy's Quilts for Slow Sunday Stitching. I love seeing what people have been stitching.



  1. Hildegard is quite a character... glad you are enjoying stitching her!
    Your knitting project looks like a challenge!
    Thanks for linking up to Slow Sunday Stitching!

  2. I think everyone understands you are going through chemo and you won't be yourself for a while.

  3. I agree I think Hildegard is rather wonderful! Nice jumper pattern too.

  4. I always enjoy hearing from you after I comment on your posts but totally understand that at this time it may be difficult to respond. Dividing energy among your daily tasks is most important right now, so I wouldn't be concerned with replying to every comment. I certainly understand. I enjoy seeing the progress on the Bag Ladies. They are quite fashionable when you are finished with them.

  5. Love your Hildegard embroidery, these ladies are so sweet, I have a few crochet projects that have become UFO's though I tend to keep at them when I need a break from other stitching projects the jumper yarn color is lovely.

  6. Hi Lyndsey
    I was working on two quilts when I was diagnosed with bowel cancer about 10 years ago. I couldn't bear to look at them for years, although once I felt better I was able to start and finish other projects. I'm sure that it was the connection to receiving such awful health news that really made me shun them. Eventually, some years later, I felt that I was able to look at them again and finally complete these two quilts.
    Like other readers, I love your Bag Ladies. It is a nice small project that you can pick up or put down as you choose. Don't forget to continue to pace yourself, get plenty of rest, and try not to stress too much as you continue with work, home life and treatments. This horrible disease can certainly sap your energy.

  7. I still think you are doing marvelous to do all you do, Lyndsey. Lovely embroidery as always and the jumper is really coming along. I have tried knitting sweaters in the past, when I got up to the sleeves is when I got confounded and gave up. Really should try it again.

  8. Esp[ecially like your stitching...but that yarn looks likes is going to be cozy!