Saturday, 31 March 2018

A Friday Finish

It's been great fun being on holiday, I think I need more holidays in a year. During the day we've been out visiting places and walking but in the evening I've been catching up on my hand stitching. Last year I took part in the Bag Ladies stitch along organised by Barbara from Cat Patches. There were 12 ladies to stitch, one for each month. With one thing and another happening last year I only completed 3 and one or two of them were hardly started. So for my holiday stitching I bought Buelah along and spent some quality time with her. She is now completed and is looking fabulous.

I really enjoyed finishing the stitching on her especially the flowers. I had taken a couple of the other ladies along as well just in case I needed some more stitching. I've chosen to work on Abigail next. We worked on Abigail last October and this is how far I got.

As you can see I'd made a start on her coat and her tackle box. On Thursday evening I did a little more stitching on her coat.

My goal for April will be to complete Abigail.

Yesterday we travelled home. It wasn't a fun drive as it had snowed quite a lot overnight. The roads were clear and we knew that lower down the valley there wouldn't be any snow. The other problem at the start of the journey was the visibility due to fog. We hoped the weather would stay fine as we drove but the rain started before we'd covered 50 miles and it kept raining all the way to London.  It was great to get home and Scamp was very pleased to see Picasso again

I'll tell you about the rest of our holiday over the next couple of days. As the weather got worse I wasn't able to use my phone for internet connection as the network became unstable. 

To celebrate my Friday finish I'm linking this post with Amanda Jean for Finish it up Friday For now I've got to go and do some more stitching on Abigail.


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  1. Your bag ladies are looking great. Mine are finished and in a stack. Considering how to finish them off.