Monday, 26 March 2018

Lots of Waterfalls

Today we went to Ingleton and visited the waterfalls. We has considered climbing Ingleborough but decided against this as I wasn't sure if Scamp had the energy. The journey to Ingleton was fun and on the way we saw the viaduct from the Harry Potter films. The weather today was perfect for a walk, warm and sunny but with a gentle breeze that stopped you getting over heated.

We also saw a lot of lambs frolicking in the fields but unfortunately whenever we saw lambs there wasn't a place to park and take photos. I also had problems with my camera over the day as without realising it I kept catching one of the buttons and altering the settings. This meant quite a few photos were out of focus.

The car park for the fall trail was easy to find and had a cafe that served really good coffee and tea and really great carrot cake. The trail is a circular walk with the first part following the River Twiss through Swilla Glen to the Pecca Falls. On the way we passed the money tree. It has been considered good luck to put a coin into the tree and over the years it has become completely covered.

The Pecca falls are made up of 5 falls that drop 30 metres over sandstone and slate.

After the Pecca falls the path climbed steeply and at the top there was a small snack kiosk. I had a vanilla ice cream that was delicious. Scamp always likes the last bit of my ice cream. I also bought some flapjack as my vet advised me to carry some when taking Scamp for strenuous walks as being a small dog his blood sugar levels can drop. 

We passed Hollybush Spout and on to Thornton Force. This provided inspiration for the artist William Turner. At Thornton Force the river tumbles 14 metres over a limestone cliff. Here there was a comfortable bench and and picnic area to enjoy the view.

From here the path follows the river through the Twiss valley and we crossed the river by a footbridge before climbing up to Twisleton Lane. Twisleton Lane is an old Roman road leading into Kingsdale with spectacular views. As we dropped down to the farm we could see Ingleborough, which is one of the three peaks of the Yorkshire dales.

Further on we came to the Beezley Falls on the River Doe. At the Baxengyhll Gorge we walked out over the river on a viewing bridge to get a better view of the fall. I'm not great with heights but it was well worth the panic.

Finally there were the Snow Falls

From here we walked back to the town by the Twistleton Glen. We enjoyed another coffee at the cafe before heading home. A really fabulous day.

Because I ended up deleting a lot of my photos because they were blurry I lost track of which of the falls they were. I'm not going to waste the photos so I'm adding a couple of them here.

I think this photo is of the Pecca falls.

Hopefully tomorrow I won't mess up the camera settings and I have some decent photos. We haven't decided the itinerary for tomorrow yet but we have a few ideas. I haven't done much stitching today but I'm going to spend half an hour now before going to bed.