Sunday 11 March 2018

Slow Sunday Stitching

This is a very quick post as this week has been a very slow sewing week. I've had so many emails over the week saying 'Urgent we need ...... by tomorrow' that I seem to have spent all week working and had no time for fun. This evening, having spent most of today working I sat down to watch Endeavour and complete some slow stitching. Last weekend I made some new hexies. They are perfect for prepping when you only have a couple of minutes to spare. Anyway tonight I carried on stitching the latest round of blocks to the grandmother's garden top. I've added 10  blocks so far. The top is slowly and I mean very slowly growing.

I wish I could manage to use a thimble successfully as my one finger has holes in it from pushing the needle through the fabric. My mother always used a thimble but I have never mastered them......similar to the fact I've never mastered putting on eye makeup but far more useful. If any of you have useful hints on how to use a thimble please send them my way.

Next weekend is totally free so I've already booked my sewing time. Until then I'll be adding more blocks to the grandmothers garden quilt. Hopefully I'll finish this round. I also have two weeks off over Easter and I have my sewing all organised. We're going to Yorkshire for the first week and I'm taking my machine with me. The idea is to do some walking during the day and sewing in the evening.

I still have to tell you about our trip to Slimbridge and I hope to have time to write the post this week. We saw some fabulous birds.

Starting next week is the Quazy Quilt Queens blog hop. Here is the schedule.

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  1. I remember Barbara Chainey telling us that when she started she couldn't use a thimble - she said she wore her thimble all the time, to do everything for about a week until she got used to using it

  2. The only time I use a thimble is when I’m sewing on a binding. I’m loving your hexies. Very pretty.

  3. The hexies are beautiful.

  4. I could never use a thimble, either, . . . . until I bought the correct one, that is! I found the "Thimbles by TJ Lane" at Houston one year, and they are WONDERFUL! The difference is that the part that goes over your fingernail is cut out, allowing the thimble to fit without bobbling around, or falling off, or just plain feeling yucky on the tip of your finger. I don't know how to explain it properly, but you have got to believe that this thimble made all the difference in the world!

    I must warn you, though, they are EXpensive! I'd never have gotten one if my daughter hadn't been with me at that festival and bought it for me. It is so remarkable to work with, though, that I bought a 2nd one (to use on my thumb while hand quilting) the next year, and then purchased a 3d one this past year (after panicking when I misplaced my original for over a week)! Give it a try. I think you'll find they are well worth the price.

  5. I could never use a thimble until I tried the leather ones. I love them and hardly even know I have it on. Try it! You may find it’s the same for you!