Sunday, 25 March 2018

Slowly stitching by the fireside

On Friday I finished work for the Easter holidays. Well this week is holiday and next week I am taking some time back for the weeks I've worked five days instead of the four I get paid to work. So that there was no chance I could be asked to work I booked a holiday cottage in Yorkshire for this week. It's right up at the top of North Yorkshire, nearly into Cumbria and is about 5 miles from the Hawes. We have great views across the fells from the windows and all you can hear, except for the occasional car is the sound of bird song. The journey here yesterday took several hours as it's approximately 300 miles and travelling with Scamp meant we had to make frequent stops for comfort and walk breaks. Early on there was a fine misty rain but as the day progressed the sun came out and it made for a very pleasant journey. We opted to travel by motorway, so once across London we travelled by the M1, M18 and the A1(M) until we had roughly 34 miles to do. The final bit was done on the smaller A roads.

The cottage is very comfortable and the owner had lit a fire for us so yesterday evening we settled down to watch TV with the fire burning brightly. This evening John lit the fire and we are planning on starting the 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle that we bought with us. 

I bought some stitching with me. I had originally planned to bring the Luna Lapin book and the felt to make the rabbit but in the end I decided to bring my grandmother's garden quilt and the Bag Ladies that I haven't yet completed.

Last night I sat and did some stitching on Buelah. I stitched her lanyard for her scissors and just had to attach the little scissors to see how they'd look. I stitched her legs and then took ages to sort out which thread I'd been using for her hair. I hope to finish her hair tonight.

This morning I attached some more blocks to the Grandmother's garden quilt. I've now added 17 of the 30 blocks. I hope to get this row finished by the end of March.

This afternoon we took Scamp for a walk over the fells. The weather is cold here so we all needed our warm coats including Scamp.

Scamp really enjoyed all the new sniffs. The viaduct  carries the Settle Carlisle railway

Underfoot the ground was very boggy.There is limited soil over rock and with the rain and snow recently there is a lot of water about. Scamp was occasionally walking with the water well over his knees. He just kept on walking and his tail never stopped wagging whilst walking.

There are a few cottages in the landscape and dry stone walls, and not many trees. It feels huge. Scamp really enjoyed the walk but was very dirty. Once home I had to wash his legs and paws

He is now curled up, fast asleep. Walking through the mud has really worn him out. 

Dinner is cooking and smells delicious, the fire is burning brightly, Scamp is snoring quietly and I'm about to do some more stitching. I'm linking this post with Kathy from Kathy's Quilts for her Slow Sunday Stitching Go and check out what everyone has been working on.

Tomorrow we're off to Ingleton and possible follow the waterfall walk to visit the 6 waterfalls. Richard wants to try taking some good photos of the falls. We may also walk up Ingleborough. We have no set plans, we'll go with what we decide we want to do tomorrow.



  1. Sounds like heaven,enjoy your holiday.x

  2. Have a wonderful country holiday! The viaduct looks amazing, as does all that wide open space. What could be nicer than being tucked up beside the fire and enjoying your stitching.

  3. Looks like a wonderful Holiday for the three of you. A fire, a cozy cottage and some stitching time make for a nice relaxing break.

  4. Such beauty in your photos. Your Bag Lady is so pretty! Thank you for sharing such a lovely post!

  5. So nice you are having a relaxing vacation. Enjoy your time away. Beulah is looking good. Lovely photos, have a great time.

  6. What a lovely walk, and that fire looks so cozy. Glad to see you’re making some progress on Beulah.

  7. The bag lady looks to young to be a bag lady. I would love to visit England and walk your lovely countryside. Thanks for sharing your outing.

  8. Sounds lovely! We enjoyed a short holiday in Yorkshire some years ago . . . I hope you enjoy your time there as much as we did!