Friday, 18 May 2018

A recent walk and weekend plans

I haven't managed to be organised enough to post regularly recently and it's really starting to annoy me. I love posting about my quilting and stitching and also the walks that John and I enjoy. Maybe I make the whole process too complicated and this slows me up. I never seem to know where to start and then I keep changing it as I convince myself it's far too boring for anyone to be interested in. Anyway I decided enough was enough, and since I enjoy doing it I need to blog more often. I was also catching up on my blog reading and that very clearly made me realise what I already knew, that there is no set amount that needs to be written and you don't always need several photos. So to get me properly restarted on my blog posts I thought I'd tell you about a one of the walks John and I have completed recently.

This walk was a few weeks ago to visit the bluebell woods. We do this walk or one similar every year and I always love seeing the carpet of bluebells among the trees. Last year the wild garlic was in full flower as well and looked amazing. We walked with a small group of friends and our plan was to have lunch at the garden centre at the end of the walk before catching the train home.

Near the start  there's a farm that has llamas. It's a little odd to see these guys in a field in England

They also have these large hairy sheep. Even their faces have wool on it.

There were lots of flowers to enjoy along the way.. Primroses,

Wild pansies


and the Wayfarer tree had blossom just starting to open.

Oswald came with us. He was very well behaved on the train and sat quietly under the table when we had lunch.

Of course there were bluebells, after all that was what we'd come to see.

and there was also wild garlic.

The best part of this walk is going through the woods and seeing the bluebells on mass.

 I love that the tree trunks are floating in the sea of blue.

I also spotted this trunk and found the bark fascinating.

This weekend I have plans to get a lot of sewing done. I have a plan to make a baby quilt, well the top anyway. I have the fabric and I've decided on the pattern I'm making. I have no appointments or planned visitors so I should be able to get a lot done. I'm also planning on continuing the quilting on the compass quilt. 

None of us felt like cooking tonight so we ordered in a Chinese meal. Scamp has just gone mad with excitement when the doorbell rang and I'm feeling pretty excited myself as we haven't had a Chinese meal in ages. Then I'm going to put on the TV or something I've recorded and finish stitching Mathilda. There are only a few finishing touches to do.



  1. The Blundell are so pretty, no wonder it is your favourite walk. We have alpacas and llamas here too in New Zealand on farms and they seem to do very well, their fibre is in great demand from knitters and spinners.

  2. Lovely walk with beautiful flowers. Here in the USA, in the state of Texas, there is a bluebell festival with acres of blooming flowers. I too hope to sew this weekend!

  3. Lovely blooming things. I love those sheep with the wooly faces, and Oswald looks like a nice dog.