Sunday, 27 May 2018

Thunderstorms and sewing.

For some inexplicable reason work got completely out of hand last week. There was no more work than usual to be done but everyone seemed to be very stressed and tetchy. Not a good combination as it is almost impossible to switch off from it and just carry on serenely with what I needed to do. It could have been the result of our very odd weather. The week before had been unseasonably cold and we were all pleased when the forecast said it would warm up again over the week and this weekend would be very hot and sunny. Those of us who are more cynical took little notice of the predictions of a hot and sunny bank holiday weekend, after all you only have to look back through the records to see that this combination doesn't usually fly in the UK. However many of my colleagues were excited at the prospect of BBQ's and days in the park or pub garden. On Thursday afternoon whilst teaching I had to turn the lights on as the rain swept in and since then it's been a bit of a rollercoster with warm and sunny weather followed by heavy rain and scary thunderstorms. Last night's thunderstorm was spectacular for the intensity of the lighting. There didn't seem to be a break between the flashes and the whole sky was lit up. It was mainly sheet lightening which I always think is more interesting to watch. I didn't get a photo as I was trying to keep Scamp calm, he is just so frighten when the thunder starts. Today he's really tired.

Picasso on the other hand likes to sit at the window and watch the lightening, oh how I wish Scamp could do the same. Because of the storm and Scamp getting so stressed packing up my sewing didn't happen and Picasso took the opportunity to make himself comfortable for the night. When I finally got him to move there was quite a lot of cat fur left behind as he's still losing his thick winter coat

Yesterday after some household chores I set up my machine and managed to complete the quilting on the star block border of the compass quilt. I had hoped to do more but my neuropathy has been bad recently with pains like electric shocks in my arms and hands when I do certain movements. Moving a heavy quilt during the quilting process is too much to deal with for long periods. Not to worry because I'm going to do some work on it today since I left it all out last night.

On the hand stitching front I've finally finished Mathilda. She is another lovely bag lady. These girls have so much character once they are completed and they're so colourful. I've now finished 6 of the 12, halfway there. 

The next one I'll work on is Earlene. This is how far I've got with her.

I won't be starting work on her until the beginning of June. Until then I'm going to work on my millennium sampler. This is my oldest UFO and I'd like to see it finished. I used to enjoy doing cross stitch but unfortunately over the last few years I don't find it as much fun to work on hence the need to seriously push myself to get this finished. I find the cross stitch much more tiring on my eyes and this is probably why I've gone off doing it. This evening I will be working on this section and I hope to complete the spitfire. It does rather depend on how exciting the new episode of Midsommer Murder is, ( I hope it's on tonight but you can never be sure when it's a bank holiday weekend.)

That section is the top right hand corner. I haven't worked on this piece since June 16 so it's more than ready for some more attention and love. Even when all the main stitching is done there is a lot of outlining with back stitch before it's finished.

John has just created a fabulous salad for lunch so I'm off to enjoy it. I'm linking this post with Kathy from Kathy's Quilts for her Slow Sunday Stitching link up. Do hop over and see what folks have been hand stitching.

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  1. I like the ladies. Your coloring is done very well. Will make a nice quilt one day.

  2. You have some beautiful stitching going on here. I am in the USA and we had thunderstorms last night and my dogs are afraid of the thunder as well :)

  3. You have a nice variety of pretty stitching to work on. I love Matilda. We have a lot of rain here today, but so far no thunder. My dog Muffin always hid under the bed during thunderstorms when I was a teen.

  4. Glad to see your Millennium sampler getting some is just about done! Keep going! The bag ladies are fun to see!

  5. Wow! so much detail. I like to stich during storms too. Salads are always best when someone else makes them. Enjoy your projects.

  6. Hi Lyndsey, I have just found your blog and I love it and have subscribed. I love the projects your working on, such a selection. How do you keep it all going in rotation, do your spend certain hours on certain projects, what's your secret? I like the millennium sampler too and the ladies are just so gorgeous. My little boy is terrified of thunder and fireworks, last night we just have ligtening for hours and it really put the wind up him. I give him two rescue tablets, they come from South Africa and really help him. My step-son has to send them to me because they don't have an online shop yet. regards Mandy (

  7. You bag lady blocks are wonderful... so much fun detail and personality in each one!
    And your cross stitch is amazing too... you will treasure it when it's finished, but I can relate to what you mean about the vision issue with cross stitch!

  8. I love your Bag Ladies-so much personality! I like your Millennium Sampler too. I am with more storms!

  9. I've just gotten out my cross stitch piece with the summer light such a help for stitching. Yours is amazing and yes, should be completed...would be quite an heirloom I'm thinking. You do so much despite pain, etc; I admire you. Love Mathilda too. We get more thunder and lightening here than I am used to but fortunately, doesn't last long. Both dogs hate it like Scamp.

  10. Great stitching projects Lyndsey. My dog don't like fireworks and thunderstorm also. They makes her so afraid.