Monday, 18 June 2018

Weekend sewing

After Lucy left for Le Man my phone didn't stop beeping to tell me I had WhatsApp messages and every time I looked Lucy had sent photos of cars. She was relying on her phone camera which takes really good pictures and has also enabled her to send some video clips. The photos of the cars have made us all rather jealous. This evening she arrived home and didn't stop talking about her experiences. She is now totally smitten with motor sports and especially the endurance races

Over the weekend I had a little time to do some stitching. I made the next block for my Austen family quilt.This one is called ivy leaf. The fabric I used for the leaf was very odd. When I decided on using it I saw it as a green fabric but as I started piecing it the fabric looked blue. It's a fabric like the blue/gold dress. Now I can only see it as a blue fabric although John is adamant that it's green.

As I was about to start the next block I accidentally clicked on the trip around the world block. I'd meant to try this block a while ago. I sat looking at the file for a few minutes and then I found myself pulling out fabrics to make one. I now need to stitch the rows together.

The block was fun to make and I feel a new project about to start. I need to see what fabrics I have to use on this. I have lots of scraps that I want to use up.......then I won't feel guilty when I go on a spending spree at my favourite quilt shop.

I need to organise a trip to Bath as there are two exhibitions I want to visit. First at the American Museum in Britain the 1718 silk patchwork coverlet, the oldest known and date inscribed coverlet in Britain is on display until 29th July. The coverlet is on loan from the Quilters Guild collection. Kaffe Fassett also has a exhibition 'A celebration of flowers' with Candace Bahouth at the Victoria Art Gallery in Bath until the 2nd September. We could do both as a day trip but if we did that I wouldn't have time to visit my favourite quilt shop so I need to find a date for a weekend away.

Over the week I've been slowly stitching the binding on the compass quilt. I've now stitched round 3 corners so it's almost done. I've also been stitching Earlene and basted the baby quilt ready for quilting. 

Mmmm John's just made a cup of tea so I'm off to enjoy it before I go to bed. Take care.



  1. I’d say that color is teal. It’s a tough one to, green, aquamarine?

  2. That's exciting, planning a weekend away in Bath to look at quilts!

  3. The block photo looks grey-blue to me....nice pattern.

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  5. This comment problem is a pain but almost sorted it

  6. The colour looks steel blue to me and is gorgeous whatever it is and so appropriate for that project. I love the idea of your scraps taking you in a direction that is fun. I also can't imagine how glorious a Kaffe flowers show would be!

  7. Your ivy block is fun (but I'd definitely say blue)! But that Around the World block ... I've never seen it before! I really like it -- was it fun to work on?! Have you heard about the permanent solution to the comment problem yet? It's an easy fix to get things back to how they were! :)