Monday, 4 June 2018

Binding attached and more thunder

Earlier last week I set to and cut and stitched the binding onto my compass quilt. It took a little time to get it machine stitched to the quilt but now it's all ready for me to hand stitch to the back. I spent time sewing in the threads from the quilting, hopefully I've done them all but there may still be a few I've missed. As the quilt nears completion I have fallen in love with it again. I've made a start on sewing the binding on but this is a big quilt, 80 inches by 80 I think, so it will take some time.

The weather the end of the week continued to be wet and thundery. Poor old Scamp really doesn't know what to do with himself as the thunder terrifies him. There is nothing you can do to calm him down and playing the radio or TV loud just doesn't work. At the end of the storms he usually falls asleep on my lap. Thankfully the weather over the weekend has been warm and dry and Scamp has enjoyed walks on the common.

Yesterday we had a family dinner which was lovely but when all our family are together it gets quite loud. Earlier in the day I cut out a dress pattern. This is an old pattern that appeared in Prima magazine ages ago. I've made it several times before and it's a great dress for the summer.

This is the fabric I am using, I've had it in my dress making fabric stash for a while but didn't make the time to sew it.

Whilst I made a start on the sewing this morning Picasso was most helpful. He takes his responsibility as a sewing cat very seriously and likes to check the pattern is all there and that the machine is working properly, and that the fabric is soft and comfy. When he starts checking out the machine I get worried that he might get his paw caught by the needle.

For once he has his eyes open in this photo and he wasn't very pleased to have the camera pointed at him.

Today is slow Sunday stitching. I had hoped to have finished this spitfire this week but being on holiday doesn't mean you have any extra free time to stitch. At least the stitching now looks more like a plane. There actually is very little left to do of the cross stitching but the back stitch outline always takes quite a while.

I'm going for a run with Lucy before dinner but will have time later to add several more stitches.

I'm linking this post with Kathy from Kathy's Quilts for her Slow Sunday Stitching  Pop over and see what everyone has been hand stitching.

I'm back at work tomorrow so my dress won't be finished until next weekend. 

Take care


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