Tuesday, 5 June 2018

OMG for June

I find it hard at the beginning of the month to decide on my goal. I have quite a range of projects that need to move forward but there are so many variables that affect the final choice, such as how much sewing time will I have, do I have all the fabric or threads I need to get on with the project and what is the weather going to be like? The weather here in the UK has been rather up and down recently, one day very hot and then rain and thunder. Now it's gone cooler which means it's great for stitching the binding on to a large quilt but when it warms up again, which is supposed to happen in the next few day, that will not be a pleasant task. Because of that I shelved this idea and will hand stitch the binding on cool days.

I started the Austen Family Quilt block of the week several years ago now but I have never finished it. I can't remember how many blocks I've done but I think it's time to get the rest of the blocks made. I'm not going to set a goal of completing all the remaining blocks since I'm unsure how many are left to do  but I will make 6. That means I need to make three over each of the next two weekends.The last weekend in June I'm away on camp with Lucy and our Guide unit. If I get more made I'll be very happy.

These are two of the blocks I've already made. So my goal is 6 blocks to be added to this quilt by the end of June (more would be fantastic!) Note to self, find the blocks I've already finished and check which one's I need to make, also pull out the storage pot with the fabric for these blocks

I have also set myself a hand stitching goal and that's to complete the stitching on Earlene

I've already added some some more stitching to her and I'm fairly certain I'll be able to complete her in my hand stitching time this month.

I'm linking this post with Patty from Elm Street Quilts for her June OMG Link up Last month I finished my monthly goal which made me happy so here's to a successful June goal.



  1. Hoping to be able to reply to any comments

  2. I love the fabrics you’re using in your blocks. Good luck with your stitching. My blocks are all finished. Don’t know when I’ll sew the whole thing together. The comment thing works, but everyone comes as no-reply. You have to make the extra step of finding the email by clicking on the name. Many might already be cached if you just type them into the To box.

  3. Fun blocks. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project.

  4. Good luck with your goals for this month. It makes sense to be realistic when setting each month's goals rather than biting off more than we can chew.

  5. I love the prints you're using with the Austen family blocks! Is that from a particular line, or just mix and match? Earlene is a cutie -- I think I ordered two of those quilters individually and she may have been one of them. I need to make her *my* OMG! ;)