Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Appointments and more

Today was a day of appointments which always make me a little unsettled. If I get too involved with whatever I'm doing I am apt to forget to check the time which then has me scurrying around to ensure I'm not late. The good thing about having an appointment  to attend is that I didn't need to get up as early as I do for work. Last night I altered my alarm from the usual 6 a.m. to 7 a.m. but I must have made a mistake because it still went off at 6. I got up and made a cup of tea which I took back to bed so I could relax and enjoy some reading time. Scamp came and curled up on my lap and we had a very pleasant hour of together time. John needed to be somewhere at 8:30 but it was only a short meeting and once he was home we took Scamp for a long walk over the common. The temperature is slightly cooler today and it made the walk more enjoyable. 

My appointment this morning was with my surgeon who performed my mastectomy. We had a long chat and she went through the reconstruction process with me. She won't perform that operation as it's done by a plastic surgeon but she will send the referral letter this week. They won't do the surgery until a year after the end of my radiotherapy which is November but as I am no longer a cancer patient the operation is none urgent and by referring me now I will be put on the waiting list. It's a major operation and takes about 8 to 10 hours so although I'm excited at the thought I'm also rather nervous and will make my final decision once I've met with the surgeon to discuss it all. As my scar is all healed and my skin is healthy the surgeon discharged me which is another milestone passed. Whilst I'm on the drug trial I will have follow up appointments with the oncologist but will revert to the care of the surgical team for open access follow ups once the trial has ended.

The second appointment today is Scamp's annual check up and immunisations. At least he's the easy one to take to the vet. With Picasso you first have to find him and load him in his cat basket, but as soon as the basket appears he disappears. With Scamp I just have to put his harness and lead on and he's ready to rush out the door. The appointment went well and he kept perfectly still while he had his injection without being held down. The vet wants to give his teeth a thorough clean as he is 10 years old and hasn't had them done before but  that requires him to have an anaesthetic. I've also got to get a urine specimen so she can check out how his kidneys are functioning  and whether he has any infection. If there is anything abnormal then he'll need a blood test. Doggy healthcare these days is as in depth as human healthcare. 

This evening I did some more sewing on Constance and Lucy painted my finger nails. While she did them we watched a bit of the real housewives of New York City. Wow those ladies give me a headache. Why are they always arguing? I escaped as soon as she had finished and spent a little time drawing out the patterns for Luna Lapin from this book.

Lucy loves rabbits and I'd planned to make her one as part of her birthday present. I couldn't get the colour felt I wanted so put this project to one side for a while. I decided I'd make one for Christmas as that will give me lots of time to work on it when she's not at home. Trying to make a surprise for someone who lives with you can prove rather difficult.

The temperature now is perfect for sleeping so I'm looking forward to going to bed very soon. I just need to make sure my nails are completely dry but first Picasso is demanding attention before he settles for the night.



  1. I suppose that’s good news about the reconstruction, but that’s a long surgery. It’s easy to see why you’d want to think it over before making a final decision. I always try not to make more than one appointment per day, but then I end up with several in a given week, and I’m not sure which is worse.

  2. It is wonderful you have finished these major milestones! When I was in treatment for my Cancer, I use to line up multiple appointments to get it all over in one to two days. I love the bunny!

  3. My cats do the same thing when the carrier comes out. ;)
    I discovered your blog through one of your comments on Cat Patches and have enjoyed reading back on several of your posts and a peek into your daily life. Very happy for your victory over cancer. Thank you for sharing your journey, as it is very inspiring and full of hope and the joy of living.