Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Cutting and stitching.

Just before we went to bed last night Scamp vomited. He seemed OK afterwards but later in the night he vomited again a couple of times. We sorted him out, made sure he drank some water and headed back to bed. He wouldn't settle at first and I ended up holding him in my arms. He eventually feel into a peaceful sleep and I managed to put him down next to me. When the alarm went off I felt drained but I was very pleased to see that Scamp's ears were up and he seemed better. As I got ready to go to work he went back to sleep. John was home today so he would look after him and take him to the vet if needed. I had to go into work in the morning for a meeting  but then I needed to head home to go for my mammogram. In the meeting I felt my phone ping and John had put a comment on WhatsApp saying Scamp was up and about and had eaten his food. The big problem with Scamp is that like most dogs he is a bit of a scavenger so he sometimes eats things he shouldn't.

Once home I had to have a nap as the night really had been disturbed. Feeling refreshed I set about doing some sewing. This year I'm trying to do a minimum of half an hour a day on at least one of my projects and so far I've succeeded.

I  decided I wanted to make the tablecloth pattern that came in my subscription box. The first thing to do was to cut the fabrics. I now have all the pieces cut and I'm ready to start sewing on Thursday.

Picasso had been helping in the cutting process, trying to hold down fabric but also worringly getting his tail in the way. I told him firmly that he could help but please keep all body parts away from the cutting edge. His response was to settle himself on my hat (yes it is a bear hat) facing the other way. He spent some time studiously ignoring me.

I'm joining in with the Tiny Tuesday blocks  at So Scrappy  The first block was released last week on the 1st January. The colour this month for the RSC19 is red so I hunted out some red string scraps. The blocks make up at 5 inches and I quickly had my completed block. This is a first for me as I haven't made any string blocks like this before. 

The second block was released yesterday. I won't have time to make it today but I'll get it done before the end of the week.

I also wrote about the pillow I made for Lucy. I realised I'd never shown the completed item so here's a picture.

The cover has just been washed but it didn't get ironed. Lucy doesn't iron anything if she can get away with it. As she said, by the time she's leaned against the pillow for a while the creases will all be flattened out.

This evening we restart our guide meetings so I won't have time for much sewing but I have got some hand stitching with me in case I get a little time over my lunch break. Tomorrow I have a day off and I've planned in sewing. Unfortunately I have several household chores to do including ironing which I will try to finish in the morning, the afternoon can then be nothing but sewing.



  1. Cute cute pillow, very glad Scamp is not ill!

  2. I’m glad Scamp is feeling better. Picasso might want to take a look at Sadie’s tail for a preview of things to come if kitty appendages are not kept close to one’s body.

  3. Poor Scamp, hope he is well and happy now. As for your cat, they don't like getting told off, do they, and will often turn their back on you! He probably thought he was helping you, and couldn't understand the fuss.

  4. My son and his wife went to Ireland on their honeymoon and sent me a picture of a tablecloth to model their wedding quilt on. It was half square triangles just like your tablecloth. It didn't have the sashing but I might think about that.

  5. That's a great photo of you working away there. But isn't it nice you have sewing room attendents like much moral support. Hope Scamp is all better. Reading about strings makes me think of my box or two of scraps. Where did they come from??