Friday 25 January 2019

Too cold to walk so lets sew

Today here in London it's very cold with temperatures around 0 to 1 degree Celsius. I know in many places that would be considered warm but here it's cold and the average temperature through January is normally 5 degrees Celsius. It also snowed on Tuesday evening which is another unusual event, although if it snows it generally does it in January. Anyway today is my day off and this time last week John and I went walking and we were treated to a clear bright (and warmer) day.  Outside it's also drizzling that horrid cold wet drizzle that leaves you cold and very wet. So what else can a girl do but stay in and sew.

Before I could do that I needed to do some chores including picking up some groceries and popping into the bank. One of my car tyres has also gone flat so I tried using the compressor to re inflate it but it didn't help so I had to call the RAC since I couldn't drive it to the tyre centre. Having sorted all that it was time to settle down to sew.

On Tuesday I finished the quilting on Alex's quilt and trimmed and squared it up.

I rather over did the quilting on Tuesday night and my elbows have been a little puffy and achy and my shoulders are slightly sore but it was worth it. It's a large quilt to move around especially as I didn't have the whole table to rest it all on since John was trying to do some work. A note to self 'try making smaller quilts in future'. I'm so good at giving myself good advice but whether I'll take it is another matter. Anyway back to today and I needed to cut the binding  and attach it. I had the choice of the solid blue fabric and the white with anchors but I needed to confirm if I had enough fabric to do it. I would have preferred the blue but I was short of the amount I needed so I ended up using the anchor fabric. It's all attached to the front now and all I have to do is stitch down the back.

After that I made block 3 from the Tiny Tuesday sampler. This is a cute kitty. I still need to add the straight setting to this. Block 4 has been release so I'm still behind but will try to catch up over the weekend.

Although this was meant to be a major sewing day it didn't go to plan as the phone didn't seem to stop ringing and in the end I gave up and picked up my knitting instead. One of these days it will all go to plan. It's still fun to have got some of my sewing done.



  1. Glad you were able to complete your quilt and get that cute kitty block done. Really cold here too so I am staying in as much as possible but still find it difficult to finish my weekly quilting list.

  2. Your weather has been very similar to ours. I don’t like to go out when it’s cold and windy. Your quilt looks lovely.