Wednesday 9 December 2020

A busy few days

The first part of this week has been busy, not with work but but with Christmas preparations and my birthday. When working from home I use our dinning room and as a result the corner where our Christmas tree stands had been used as a storage area for my work books and folders. I needed to go through them and decide what I needed to keep at home until after Christmas and what could be returned to the office. I am teaching on line this week and next and the first week back after New Year. Once the area was clear I was able to put the tree up. All the items for the office are sat in the boot of my car.

Tuesday was my birthday. I had students online but we finished about 3 p.m. so John and I went to our local pub for a late lunch. We had a table by the log fire and the food was delicious. Later in the evening we had a family dinner and a lemon drizzle birthday cake. We had a zoom link up with Katy and her kitten Rothko. It was a fun way to spend the evening. Richard had ordered flowers to be delivered. I'm busy wrapping parcels on the table so couldn't get a great photo but the flowers are beautiful.

This week I have been doing mending, boring but needs doing. I also worked on some hexies for my Grandmothers garden quilt on Sunday evening. I had planned to work on the millennium sampler but I just didn't feel like it. Today however was different. I was in an online work meeting for 3 hours and once I'd dealt with my part in the proceedings I pulled out the cross stitch. I had to stay in the meeting so that it was quorate but I couldn't do any work as I needed to listen to what was happening and make an occasional contribution. I got quite a lot of stitching done. I love online meetings where you have your video off and mic muted. The bottom border is moving along nicely as a result of my morning's stitching.

Tomorrow I am teaching online and then I need to pack as John and I are away for the weekend and will be leaving early on Friday morning. A visit to my favourite quilt shop is on the agenda and I have birthday money to spend. We have plans to do some walking, some exploring, relaxing and just enjoying a change of scenery. I'll drop the books and folders into the office on the way past. The drive is always fun as it gives us a chance to just be the two of us. It's great having Lucy and Richard living with us but sometimes its nice to just be a couple.

Now I need to calculate the fabric I need to finish the Austen Family Album quilt. I wonder if I can finish it before the end of the year? 

Take care



  1. A very belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you. Glad your day was so much fun with your delicious lunch. Sound like a very nice place. Your sampler is near the finish line. It will certainly be a beautiful finish. Have fun on your getaway I will look forward to hearing about it.

  2. It sounds like you had a happy birthday, Lyndsey. Enjoy the upcoming holidays!

  3. Happy belated birthday, it sounds like you had a lovely day. The cross stitch is beautiful. Enjoy your weekend away.

  4. Sending Happy Birthday wishes too, enjoy your weekend away.

  5. PS Meant to add, your Christmas quilt header looks gorgeous! Well done.