Monday 21 December 2020

Slowly stitching over the week.

On Wednesday I was working from home and not meeting with students. When I got up I followed my normal work day routine but then I realised that all my appointments were in the afternoon and one would go on into the evening. I stopped myself logging into the work portal to check my emails and decided to break with my normal routine. I played with fabric, a little cutting, a little stitching and a little sorting. I logged into work after lunch and worked through to evening. It made me realise that I let myself get caught up with routine and a break out is needed every so often.

On Thursday I had to have my yearly mammogram  or the 'big squeeze' as Barbara from Cat Patches calls it. I have an appointment in early January when I'll get the results but I think it was OK as the person doing it didn't look intently at the screen, look perplexed or repeat any of the procedure. The whole appointment run to time and it took me half an hour from leaving home to getting back. It does help that the hospital is a 7 minute walk away. Because teaching is online until after Christmas I was able to give the students a slightly extended coffee break while I went for the appointment.

On Friday I needed to catch up on some household chore and I wanted to wrap the Christmas presents. I got the remaining sashing cut so I was ready to start stitching the rest of the rows. At the same time I cut some more pieces for the bears paw quilt. By the time I'd done that my right arm was causing me pain so I packed up for the day. On Saturday I was late starting because just as I had everything set up the doorbell went and it was Katy and Olly dropping off a chocolate and orange tart for Lucy. They stood outside while we chatted for several minutes. Katy had also asked if I had a baby/young child quilt she could have to give to a friend's daughter.  She was in luck because I haven't managed to meet up with the lady who collects and then delivers the donated quilts to their recipients. I gave her this one.

Her friend's daughter has delayed global development and loves colours so hopefully will like it. Now I need to make another quilt for the donation box. Once Katy and Olly had left I finally got on with sewing blocks together. I completed two rows when my phone bleeped with a notification. Britain's PM had called a conference. As always it started late and then it was to tell us that London was basically back in lockdown from midnight because of a new variant of covid 19. The government are calling it tier 4, as if that makes a difference. We spent a long time discussing the news and how it affected us as a family in the short term. Our conversation went on for some time and so I didn't get back to my sewing. Today I finished the fourth row and got them all stitched together.

I still have two more rows to add or should that be two columns to be add since the quilt  is on its side.  This is one big quilt. I'll finish the last two rows tomorrow.

I've been slowly working on the border of the millennium sampler this week. Still a little bit more to do but I'm now on holiday, Christmas is organised, so let the stitching begin. 

I also have the cornerstone at the bottom to complete.

I'm linking this post with Kathy from Katy's quilts for her Slow Sunday Stitching

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  1. We heard about the Covid 19 variant on the news this morning. I pray you and your family stay safe. Will also pray your mammogram comes back okay. I know what a strain it is until you get the results. The Sampler is so close to a finish congrats on a beautiful piece of needlework.

  2. Such a newsy post! Lucky break with the baby quilt. All your projects look great. We’ve been reading about your Covid situation there. Hoping it doesn’t continue to get worse. Fingers crossed for a good outcome on your mammogram.

  3. Aaah, the annual mammogram, I know it well. But it is a wonderful follow up for those of us who have been through breast cancer. Hope you get a nice clear result again.
    We saw Boris on T V announcing the changes to Christmas get togethers. Such a shame, but this new strain of virus seems to be even more aggressive and super easy to catch. Keep safe and well.

  4. You are getting SEW close to finishing that stitchery, Lyndsey! Well, the stitching, anyway. :o))
    Nice of you to give Katy that lovely quilt for her friend's daughter. I think I want to try making on like it. Will you make another of the same for the charity box?
    Stay safe and best of luck on finishing up your big quilt!