Saturday 5 December 2020

A day out.

Today we went on an outing. We had planned to visit the Imperial War museum earlier in the year but never managed to fit it in between lockdowns and other activities. We wanted to visit one of the exhibitions that was on, Refugees. This exhibition explores displacement, which is the main consequence of conflict and explores their journey to rebuild their lives elsewhere. We hadn't visited the museum for some time and hadn't seen the artwork that covers the floor and stairs with full sized aerial bombs and missiles. It is a repeating pattern of 50 missiles.

The installation is by Ai Weiwei. He is a contemporary Chinese artist and activist who has been openly critical of the Chinese Government for it record of human rights and democracy.

The exhibition was extremely interesting and it really did make me realise how lucky I am. It is well worth visiting. There were two carpets that caught my imagination so I took photos for you to see. The label in the second photo, which is slightly blurry, tells you about the carpet. 

The second carpet was beautifully made but a more disturbing pattern.

We spent about 3 hours at the museum. We visited the shop before we left and I bought a couple of Christmas presents. We stopped at a cafĂ© for coffee and Danish pastries on the way back to the station. Whilst we had been in the museum the weather had become much colder so I was very pleased when we got back home.

This afternoon we moved some furniture around so that I will be able to put our Christmas tree up tomorrow. We had planned to do this on December 1st and have a video link up with our older daughter, but quite often things don't go as planned. Anyway, tomorrow John will get the tree and decorations down from the loft and we will start to enjoy the Christmas season. I still have to work for two more weeks, all online, but then I have two weeks holiday. Yipee!

Although I'm trying to get my millennium sampler finished, today I decided to do a little work on the Christmas tree cross stitch. It's just nice to work on something different. Tomorrow I'll be back trying to finish the sampler.

Plans for Sunday are to decide my one monthly goal for December and to ice the Christmas cake. Really it's ice three Christmas cakes as the cake will be cut so that we have half and my brother Alex has a quarter and Katy has a quarter. I also need to bake some bread. There will be time to do some sewing. This week has been busy so I've had very little time to get the machine out. What time I've had has been spent planning some new projects.

I've just got time to put a few more stitches in the cross stitching before bedtime.

Take care


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  1. Thanks for a look at the museum, Lyndsey! Here's hoping there's time for a bit of slow stitching today.