Wednesday, 6 January 2021

A little stitch here and there

Over the weekend I was trying to get my head back into work mode and also start considering plans for teaching online, but despite that I managed to do a few things and get myself a little more organised. I looked out my pink scraps on Saturday morning as this is the colour for month one of the RSC 2021. I like the new button and must add it to my sidebar.

I'm not making any fancy blocks for this years challenge. Instead I'm making nice simple 9 patch. I manged to make 9 patches from my scraps. There may be more when I go through my scrap box on Friday. I need to do a whole load of cutting again. Scraps really do take over the place.

I sandwiched two small quilts which will become new bath mats but which I will be using to practice my free motion quilting. This year I want to learn some new designs and get my stitching more even.

I stitched a few string blocks together. This was fun as it doesn't need lots of concentration. I've got a lot more strings so eventually these will end up in a quilt of some sort. 

Luna Lapin was a great success and now I've got a request for another dress for her. I got the dress cut out and will stitch it up this week. I still can't find the felt I bought for her coat so I will need to get some more. This is the size dressmaking I like.

I also have yarn that I bought ages ago to knit a cardigan. I pulled it out and the last couple of evening I've sat and knitted. I'm not a quick knitter and my right arm soon gets tired so this won't be finished very quickly but by the end of this year I want all my old UFO's finished. I'd really like to only have projects that I started after June 2020 still on my to do list at the end of this year.  It won't happen but I can dream can't I?

Since Monday my sewing activities have been rather slow. It was obvious that England would go into lockdown 3, it was just a case of when. I had hoped we would have a few days notice but that was not to be so now instead of nipping to the shop to get some much needed supplies I've got to order them online. It's just not the same as being able to see fabric and threads in person. The threads are OK if you've bought the colour before so you know what it really looks like, but I want some colours I've never used. 

Lockdown means we should not travel to do exercise so we are back walking locally and the two cemeteries are great. Our favourite one is also a nature reserve and at the end of the month we will be bird spotting there for the Great Garden birdwatch. I hope the woodpeckers put in an appearance on the day we do it.

I need to get back into work mode again having written this post but soon it will be time to put the computer away and get the sewing machine out. Without the daily commute I'm back to more sewing time, Yipee!

Take care 



  1. I'm really feeling for all my UK family & friends in these trying times & our news coverage has given top priority to the disaster unfolding there 2 nights running. Pink must be the colour this month for a few different bog challenges as I've a friend in Canada who has mentioned pink too. My favourite colour. Scraps!!!!!! Just looked at what I have last week after 40+ years of quilting & thought at my age I must get that lot under control with give aways, maybe selling some & charity quilts or such. Thanks for sharing, take care & stay safe.

  2. You have made a good start in the New Year with your sewing projects. Good luck with keeping your UFOs under control, that doesn't seem to happen in my house!
    Yes, another lockdown for you sadly. Let's hope it works well with getting those infection numbers down, that's what the reasoning is, of course. Just a shame when some dont go along with the rules and spread it far and wide again. Happy stitching.

  3. Great projects to start the new year. Hope you stay safe.

  4. Nice start on your PINK sewing, Lyndsey! Mindless String sewing is often a welcome task. LOVE the sweet dress you are making for Luna!