Thursday, 7 January 2021

January One Monthly goal


Another new button I need to add to the sidebar. I almost forgot the monthly goal linkup but I still have a few hours to link my post. This monthly goal really is useful. Even if I don't manage to complete my monthly goal I have usually managed to achieve quite a bit of work on the project, which helps to move it forward. This year I want to clear my backlog of UFO's so that I finish everything I started before June 2020 by the end of the year. I doubt I'll manage that but I'm travelling very hopefully.

This month I'm starting a stitch along with Sherry from Quilts, fabric and Thread Tales We both like Pride and Prejudice and we are going to be stitching one block a month over the year. We are also both stitching it in red. Do pop over to see how sherry has got on with her first block. I will be tracing out my block this evening and hopefully making a start on the stitching. We will both be working on the same block each month.

Sherry and I are starting our stitch along with the top left block, 'Jane and Lizzie Bennett' and this is my goal for the month. I already have some ideas on how I will make the quilt up and it will be different to the above picture, but that is a whole year away so I'll make a note in my project book so I don't forget.

I am trying to move the Grandmother's garden quilt along, so as a secondary goal I want to finish the round I am currently working on. However I won't be upset if I don't achieve this. This will be the bonus prize if I do.

I'm linking this post with Patty from Elm Street Quilts for the Ist OMG of 2021. Once I've done that I need to cut the fabric for my embroidery block and get the pattern drawn on. I have a light box so no more fiddling around taping the pattern and fabric to a window. I'm not sure it would work very well at the moment as it is very cold and there has been little sun during the day. Once drawn out I also know I have lots of red thread so I can get started straight away..

Take care



  1. Best of luck on achieving your goals for the monthly, Lyndsey!!

  2. Great goals for the month. I enjoy watching the hexies progress

  3. The red work quilt is wonderful, where is it from? I don't think I would make a whole
    P & P inspired quilt but the Kate Greenaway inspired figures are so appealing I might make a few for my blue work quilt?! The colors in your G-ma's garden are really pretty!
    Good luck on your goals!