Sunday 31 January 2021

A slow Sunday.

I've had a lovely slow day today. It's been a little manic recently here with doing some additional work of training volunteers to give the covid vaccine. It's been tiring but fun and all the volunteers were excited to be able to help. I also had several of them ask me how they can become a nurse, so training and recruitment all rolled into one. John had his 1st vaccination last Saturday and has been absolutely fine. He didn't even have a sore arm the following day.

This month  my friend Sherry from Quilts, Fabric and Thread tales and I started our own stitch along. We are stitching a block a month from this Pride and Prejudice pattern.

For January we stitched Jane and Elizabeth Bennett. These are nice embroideries to do and don't take too long. I had meant to finish this earlier in the month but I got caught up by other things and so today I sat and stitched the final area. This didn't take long as all I had to do was both their heads.

I need to press the piece and put it safely away until they are all completed. I also need to draw out the second piece. In February we are going to stitch Darcy talking to Bingley which is the embroidery in the centre of the top row. The Jane and Lizzie embroidery was my monthly goal for January. 

This evening I'll be stitching down the bindings on the baby quilt. I also need to make a label for this quilt.

I enjoy stitching the binding on. I can stitch and watch the TV at the same time. No pattern to follow so the experience is relaxing.

I'm linking this post with Kathy from Kathy's Quilts for her Slow Sunday Stitching  I am also linking with Patty for the January One monthly Goal link up party. 

Take care



  1. That is such a lovely redwork piece you finished stitching, its going to make a pretty quilt, I have seen this done in black floss and it was beautiful.

  2. Love your redwork piece! Hope you have a great week, and Happy Stitching!

  3. The Pride and Prejudice is a gorgeous quilt. Your finished piece is lovely.

  4. Loved seeing your finished Pride and Prejudice block. It is lovely...on to another block. It is such fun to remember the circumstances surrounding these block as I know both of us can recall the book by memory.

  5. Such a cool stitching project! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish!

  6. Your stitcheries are going to be lovely & you need a block keeper for them. If I was closer I'd make you one. I might anyway & hope the post isn't too slow. I admire all that are doing their bit during this crisis. I've never used those binding clips as I do handstitching but the old fashioned pin method & enjoy the finishing process too. Take care, stay safe & huggles.

  7. I have seen a couple of the Pride and Predijuce projects on blogland and they look lovely. How nice to be sttching yours with a friend.
    You mentioned your hubby had his vaccination, have you also had yours?

  8. Your Pride and Prejudice block looks great.
    Thank you for what you are doing for the NHS too, we certainly need more nurses! I'm Category 6 for the jab so hopefully not too long to wait now.

  9. I love, absolutely love, the title of your blog! And your header photo is an eye catcher for sure! Your Pride and Prejudice blocks are so beautiful! My daughter loves that novel! Thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful morning with your husband!