Sunday, 24 January 2021

Slow stitching Sunday.

Yesterday I worked very hard spring cleaning my living room and dining room to within a inch of their life. I moved all the furniture so I could vacuum under and behind everything. All surfaces were cleaned and polished and it now looks gleaming. All items that shouldn't have been in the rooms were returned to their rightful homes. By the time I had finished I was tired and so I didn't make a start on quilting the baby quilt. On Sunday I like to have a slow day, that is spent with the family or close friends. Spending time with close friends is out of the question at the moment and so I was looking forward to time with the other three members of my household (plus Scamp and Picasso), but they were all busy working on their own projects so I was at a lose end. I set up my machine and got on with the quilting. Most of it was straight quilting and I echoed the shape of the appliqued hearts. As I started quilting it started to snow. This is very unusual in London so we were all excited. This is as the snow started.

It carried on for quite a time and gave a good covering. The children from across the road made a snowman. It was fun watching them enjoying themselves but by early evening it had all melted away.

My quilting went quickly even with the distraction of the snow and before I packed everything away I trimmed the quilted top.

My line around the hearts was a bit wonky but it looks OK.

Tomorrow I will cut the binding and get that stitched on. I want to be able to get this in the post on Wednesday as the baby was born last Thursday. He wasn't due for another couple of weeks but babies are always unpredictable.

This evening I'm going to be working on my knitting. I'm knitting the back of the jacket. It knits up quickly because it's aran weight yarn. I'm shaping for the set in sleeves.

I started this jacket some time ago so this is another of the pre June 2020 projects I want to get finished. 

I'm linking this post with Kathy from Kathy's Quilts for her Slow Sunday Stitching link up. Why not pop over and see what everyone has been working on this week.

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  1. Must have been snow all over UK, as my blog friends have nearly all mentioned it. I think the quilt looks brilliant & once the binding is on, can we have another photo before it goes on its way. I posted one to UK last year & it took more than 2 months to arrive. I've knitting on the go too & it's going very slowly in this heatwave weather, though it's supposed to be cooler tomorrow. Take care and stay safe.

  2. That quilted up nicely, Lindsey! Best of luck on the quilt binding.