Monday, 8 February 2021

Monday making

I don't usually managed to get to my sewing cupboard on a Monday. This is one of my busiest days in work. I always have a study day with one of the groups and there are generally lots of emails to deal with after the weekend. Today was much calmer than usual, possibly due to the snow or maybe lots of students had stayed up to watch Super Bowl.  Anyway I found time to do some cutting. This pieces are for the project I'm making for the next blog hop. These are small pieces so there is some fiddly sewing in my future Hopefully that will be tomorrow.

Next I pinned the apple core rows together so I can stitch them tomorrow. This took some time. I found it fairly easy to pin and sew the individual blocks together but a whole row took me much longer and involved several painful stabs from the pins. I'll have time to sew the rows together before I start work tomorrow. 


After I'd finished my cutting and pinning I finally got the stitches cast on for the left front of my jacket and I managed to work the ribbing and the first 5 rows of the pattern.  I stopped at that point because the neuropathy in my hands had started to hurt. The cold weather is making it worse than usual. I had planned to finish my evening with some slow stitching whilst watching TV but instead I just watched TV. Hopefully I have some sewing to show tomorrow..

I'm linking this with Beth from Love Laugh Quilt for the Monday Making link up.

Take care



  1. Hum. The interesting part of your blog to me was your students staying up to watch the Super Bowl! I read you are in London which made me wonder if US football was followed that much there! Are you hand stitching those apple core pieces or by machine? I'm mostly a by machine person but I admire folks who piece by hand. Hope you get a lot of stitching done this week.

  2. The red & white project looks interesting & well done so far with the apple core quilt. Hope the sewing goes well. Can I ask what neuropathy is? I don't hand piece, but love using my hands for many other crafts, etc. Take care, stay safe & hugs.

  3. Such cute fabrics for the red and white quilt. I generally use the glue method for curves on Apple Core type projects. I don't like getting stuck with all those pins and it is easier on my hands. I am having discomfort right now too. My thoughts and prayers are with you.