Thursday, 4 February 2021

Stitching and a very late Christmas present.

Yesterday was a day off and so a chance to catch up with some stitching. I started the day by stitching the first little pattern of the Beautiful World stitch along. This is from Meg Hawkey at Crabapple Hill Studio and there is a small stitching pattern for each day of February. I downloaded this a while ago but then promptly forgot about it until Barbara from Cat Patches posted a picture of her completed piece for day 1. Then I had to scramble the troops to find the fabric I'd planned to use, collect the light box and finally draw out several of the early patterns. I will draw out the rest at the weekend. Yesterday I sat down for a rest and with Scamp on my lap I stitched the little piece that I should have completed on February 1st.

I haven't stitched the outside edge as I'll do that when I have completed them all and put them all together for display. I'm not necessarily using the floss colours that Meg has suggested. I'm trying to use up the left overs from previous projects and these little pieces are perfect for that.

Yesterday I also did a whole lot more cutting with a little stitching thrown in. This is for my 'Show your stripes' project so I can't show you much. You'll have to come back on 22nd February to see the completed project. Here is a little pile of blocks I made to start it off.

What do I mean 'a very late  Christmas present, after all it's only the 4th of Februar
y? Well this one is from Christmas 2019. In the run up to Christmas that year John asked me if there was anything I wanted or needed. I told him that I needed to replace my dressmaker's dummy as it was broken but I didn't want to get a new one at that point in time as I intended to diet and so would probably, hopefully need one for a smaller size. So for Christmas I had an IOU for a new dummy or form.  During 2020 both John and I went on a diet. That was an interesting experience during the lockdowns as we had to overcome the urge for chocolate and cake as comfort food when we couldn't go hiking or on our visits. During the year we both lost weight and we still want to lose a little more. Our weight lose was very slow so we never felt like we were dieting. I didn't bother looking at the dressmakers forms online during the year because with all of us working from home space was at a premium. Back in March 2020 when we were told we would be working online, we were told to take everything home we thought we would need. Since we didn't know how long it would go on for I bought everything I might possible need. Over Christmas I went through all my work bits and put everything I hadn't used and knew I wouldn't need in the car boot. On one of the days I was in work training volunteer vaccinators I put it all back in the office. Now I had space for my dummy. On Sunday I went on line and found what I was looking for. When I ordered it I was informed it would be delivered in 14 days time, but yesterday it was delivered. I was teaching online all day and could only look longingly at the large box. Once finished I needed to cook dinner and a few other chores so today I had the chance to open my present and set it up. The box was enormous.

Once open I set about putting it together. I managed to add the casters to the stand but after that I needed John's help as all the clamps had been done up so tight I couldn't loosen them. It still needs setting to my height and I've got to take my measurements, including neck measurement before I can set it for my size. All settings are currently on the smallest size but happily I don't need to go to the largest size for this model. Oh to be as slim as the dressmaking form. I was that size back in my youth, and I remember it well, even though it was back when dinosaurs roamed the earth

It's a shame the fabric covering is brown as a little brighter would have been more fun, but this form has more adjustments than the ones with prettier coverings. 

So now all I need to do is let John know what I want for last year's present. I would like a supply of threads and so once we can visit a quilt shop that stocks my favourite threads I think that's what I'll get. Each year I ask John to surprise me but he likes to get something I will use and I'm happy with that choice.

I'm still finishing stitching on the quilt binding but I should have that finished tonight. I'm not working tomorrow so I will also be able to get on with my sewing. I wonder if I could manage a nothing but sewing day.  Now I need to go and cook dinner and I can't remember what I had planned. I also need to make some bread.

Take care



  1. Seems you enjoy stitching & I so wish I could get back into some sort of rhythm after last year, but then you may be inspiring me a little to get back to a bit of embroidery. I used to make clothes & had a secondhand dummy that eventually fell apart after a house move. Make very little these days as I'm probably more ancient than you.(giggle) I'd sometimes love a sewing day & although we are retired, it just seems housework, gardening, cooking meals & other bits of life get in the way, but yes, I do fit my sewing in around it all. Take care, stay safe & have a lovely weekend, seeing it's now Friday here. Hugs.

  2. Such a nice dress form I know you will get many years of use from it. So far I have kept up with the Beautiful World daily stitchery but some days it is a challenge. The second day I was doing it before I went to bed.

  3. Looks like a good day, Lyndsey. Enjoy working with your new dress form!!

  4. Great job on your stitchery. I’m not using her floss colors either. I decided to put a blanket stitch border around all of mine, the way they are shown in her pictures. Last year, the borders were all different. Your stitching, your rules, as I always say.