Wednesday, 5 May 2021

Exercise and sewing.

Over the later part of 2020 John and I decided to lose some weight. We were successful and I lost a stone which I've kept off since then. Christmas and a lockdown have happened but I haven't gained the weight back so now it's time to lose a little more weight. A stone would be fabulous. We have been careful with our diet but have also enjoyed very tasty food and in addition I've pushed up the exercise. Many years ago, when a teenager, I used to do yoga and I really enjoyed it since I felt it gave me more energy. As an adult I've given the excuse of lack of time but is that a real excuse when flexibility and core strength are essential as we age? Anyway I restarted yoga on New Years day. It wasn't a resolution and I haven't done it every day but I have tried to do at least half an hour several times a week. I can already feel that I am more flexible and I have much better balance. I can even do some of the crazy one legged poses without falling over! If you're looking for some gentle exercise then yoga is really good and there are a lot of videos on YouTube to help you. Take time to choose ones suitable for your age, health and ability and then enjoy. In addition to yoga John and I have also pushed up the distance we are walking. We have tried to walk 4 to 5 miles most days but now we are hoping to walk a minimum of 5 miles every day. Trying to fit everything into the hours available in a day takes good time management which is always a problem, and not something I'm good at, but hopefully in a few weeks time I'll be lighter and fitter and have more energy.

Last evening I sat down to do some stitching. I decided to work on the block for May and whilst enjoying one of the new episodes of Midsommer Murders that I'd missed, I made a good start on the block. I'll probably do some work on it this evening.

A little while back I cut the fabric for a couple of cushion covers. These will be very bright and cheerful cushions.

After work I set up my machine and set about putting the front of the cover together. There are 4 appliqued bowls on each cover and I needed to trace out the patterns for the bowls onto the paper side of bondaweb. There are three pieces per bowl. When I put the bowls together I ironed them onto greaseproof paper as I don't have a Teflon pressing sheet. It worked very well but I've added a Teflon pressing mat to my wish list. By the time I'd finished I'd completed both cushion fronts. The blue version,

and the orange version.

I've already stitched the backs of the covers together Tomorrow I'll applique the bowls onto the backing and quilt the cushion fronts. I don't think I'll have time to finish them completely.

I'm trying to finish projects that I'd started and that have stalled so I pulled out this bag. There was a mistake in the pattern. Fortunately I received an email with the correction before I cut the fabric but I put it back in the cupboard. It's funny how a mistake, even when it's corrected, can put you off something.

I quilted the front and back of the bag and then stitched the front to the back. The bag has a pocket and a lining which I'll work on tomorrow or Friday. 

I need to spend some time finishing off my project for the Born to be wild Blog hop that takes place a little later this month.

It feels good to have done some sewing this evening I'm hoping to finish at least one of the cushion covers tomorrow but I have promised to do some mending for my daughter so that will be done first.

Take care



  1. Great start on the May Pride and Prejudice block and I love the cushion covers. Time management is quite a problem for me. I haven't had much time for sewing lately but have been teaching two little girls to sew and quilt.

  2. Your yoga and walking sound good & we are trying to walk more too, though with winter around the corner it may not be quite as much. The embroideries are coming along a treat and the cushion covers are gorgeous. Love that fabric. Take care, stay safe & hugs from down under.