Monday 3 May 2021

Flags and other things.

Today was the early May bank holiday and as is traditional for a bank holiday in England, it has been cold, windy and this evening it has started to rain. Fortunately today was a staying at home day, with some sewing and gardening on the agenda.

First I wanted to sew the oven gloves together and attach the binding. I managed to sew both gloves together and get the binding fully attached on one. I still need to sew the back of the binding down on the second glove.

I had been asked to sew some webbing to the bottom of a couple of flags. Well the Union Flag and the Girl Guide flag. The flags will be on top of a building several stories high and needed some extra support. This was just straight sewing and didn't take too long to complete.

Yesterday evening we had dealt with some of the plants we bought yesterday but we still needed to plant out some others. We have a new wooden planter that we decided to use for a herb garden. It looks good all planted up and herbs fresh from the garden will be great. We still have jobs to do in the garden but I'm working for the next three days, as is John, so it will have to wait until the weekend.

I need to take the photos of our walk on Saturday off my camera but I've misplaced my card reader so it will have to wait till I can remember where I put it. It was so easy with my old computer as it had an SD card reader but my new one doesn't. For now I'm going to do some stitching on the Pride and Prejudice block. Hopefully I'll finish it before bed time.

Take care




  1. Does Katy know that she's getting new oven mitts? They are turning out SEW cute, Lindsey!!

  2. The oven mitts are lovely & well done with the flags. Why is it that they keep changing all this technology & why can't we have the old either fixed or updated as needed. Bugs me something chronic. Take care & hugs.