Tuesday, 18 May 2021

Having a 'disruptive' week

This last week has been a bit of a waste of space. I'm sure you've all had those weeks where nothing goes really badly wrong but nothing runs smoothly or to time. That was the last week, a get nothing much done week but at the same time I achieved a lot. So although I achieved a lot I feel a little dissatisfied because I didn't get more done and especially because I didn't sort out or complete the things I really wanted to complete. The weather also hasn't helped as it has been cold and wet for a lot of the time. I really need the sun to put in an appearance but rain is forecast for most days over the next week.

On the plus side I got my car sorted out. Over the last couple of weeks the battery in the key fobs failed. They are both the same age so both key fobs failing wasn't a huge surprise but trying to get the right sized batteries was. Having sorted that problem and once again able to get into the car without the alarm going off, the engine wouldn't start as the battery was flat. I called my recovery service and they started the car and but it failed very quickly as the battery wouldn't charge. New battery later and the car was good to go. 

I have a lot of sewing projects I wanted to work on this weekend but I ended up running errands and completing chores that I couldn't fit in during the week. Eventually having settled myself in front of my machine all ready to start sewing, the tension started playing up. I don't usually have any problems but I couldn't get it right. It wasn't quite a throw a tantrum situation but I was very annoyed. I turned the machine off and walked away. Even more annoying, when I turned it on later in the evening  it stitched perfectly but I didn't have the time to do any sewing.

What I have been doing over last week was hand stitching. I did a lot of repairs, the usual things, sewing buttons back on and stitching up hems that had been caught and I replaced a zip. Once that was done I got on with the Pride and Prejudice blocks. My monthly goal this month is to complete three blocks. One for May, one from April and the one from March.  These are relaxing blocks to stitch. First I worked on the May block.

I'm very happy with this block. my stitching is even and an added bonus, I managed not to spill anything over the fabric. Next up the block from April. I've almost finished this one. Oops I must have moved slightly when I took the photo.

This will be finished tomorrow and I can get to work on the March block. I'm almost out of the embroidery floss I'm using for this patterns. It's a dusky pink rather than a bright red and I like the effect it gives. It's a DMC thread and I should be able to stock up this weekend. We are away and I'll be visiting my favourite quilt shop. I have a healthy fabric budget due to lockdown. No travelling expenses to pay to get to work means more to spend on fabric.

I must apologise to those of you who have left comments on my posts recently. I'm having a few issues with my email account and can't see a lot of the comments. I think it's now fixed and seems to be working fine. Thank you for your comments as I love receiving them, and I will respond shortly.

This week is the born to be wild blog hop. 

Here's the schedule for the week. I can't wait to see what everyone has made.

May 17th

Take care


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