Monday 3 May 2021

Slow Sunday Stitching.

 May already! This year is really rushing by. Yesterday I had an appointment in the morning and then was going to sew for the rest of the day but my appointment was cancelled and so John and I decided to go walking instead. We wanted to go and visit our favourite bluebell woods. They were resplendent with flowers and after our walk we stopped at the nearby garden centre. They have a café that does delicious food and we both enjoyed a prawn and avocado salad sat outside in the sun. We then went shopping for plants. I wanted some tomato starts and some bedding plants for the hanging baskets and pots. We had fun choosing our plants and when we got home we needed to get them planted in the garden. By the time we'd finished that it was time to think about dinner and so no sewing got done. I'll share some pictures of the walk tomorrow.

Today, after I'd completed my yoga practice we headed out to the local cemetery for a walk. We haven't walked here for two weeks so a lot had changed. The trees were all in full leaf and there were a lot of flowers. Whilst walking we saw a pair of fox cubs. They were very shy and it was quite difficult to get a picture but John managed to get a photo of the bigger of the two cubs.

Back home I pulled out my slow stitching. I haven't done any for the last week and have a lot of catching up to do. I'm doing a stitch along with Sherry but haven't fully kept up. I have completed the block for January but the one's for February, March and April are in varying stages of completion. Here's the January block.

The February block is very close to being finished and this I am planning on working on today. I probably won't finish this evening but it will be completed tomorrow. This is where I've got to.

As you can see I need to finish the stitching on Elizabeth. The stitching is stem stitch and it is very quick to do. If not tonight I'll finish it in the morning. I also drew out the next block.

I can't decide whether to work on this block and then go back and finish the March and April blocks or to get up to date before starting this block.  Tomorrow I also plan on drawing out a couple of the blocks from this pattern.

I bought some fabric for the embroidered blocks ages ago and I want to cut it ready for the blocks and draw them out so that the fabric doesn't get used for anything else. My machine is already set up ready for some sewing action tomorrow.

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  1. I am very far behind on my blocks also but plan to catch up later this month. Your blocks look great. Love the frog pattern so cute.

  2. What an adventure you had, Lyndsey! A full day, for sure. Here's hoping you get some sewing time today!

  3. Those fox cubs are adorable. One of my friends from high school is a wildlife photographer, and she has taken hundreds of pictures of fox cubs. I just want to grab ‘em up and love ‘em. I’ve seen that frog quilt made up. Very cute.

  4. Just doing some catchups & you certainly had a busy day. I love your fox cub photo & have garden centre envy, the majority of ours are small affairs with no cafes or fun bits like UK ones. The embroideries are coming along nicely & you're starting another? Take care, stay safe & hugs.