Tuesday 21 June 2022

Making a quilt sandwich

Today the morning traffic was very slow because of the train and tube strikes. Fortunately I was going in the opposite direction to everyone else and had very few problems. I only had a few students and we finished slightly early so I headed home as soon as I could as I had a couple of things I wanted to get done.

Once home I set about making the quilt sandwich for the butterfly baby quilt. I'd bought some best press so I used this on the fabric when I pressed it. It really does give a nice finish to the fabric and fairly soon I had the quilt top prepped ready for quilting. The first time I can start the quilting is Thursday evening but I also have all day on Friday so I should be able to get this quilt finished over the weekend. I hadn't got any suitable fabric in my stash for the backing and so I had made a quick trip to a fabric shop in my lunch break. This piece was on sale and was the perfect size and colour. I have some scraps left over to cut up into small squares for future use.

During the day my parcel of background fabric had been delivered. This is for the dinosaur quilt. It is shitake by Kona and is a very pleasing grey colour. The problem of ordering fabric online is that the colours aren't always true on screen. This time however the colour I saw when I ordered was what I received in the parcel.

I wanted to start cutting out some of the blocks so pulled out the blue fabrics that had been chosen. There should be 6 fat quarters but some of the pieces are smaller than needed so I've added in extra fabrics. These blues are very pretty but I think I need slightly more contrast in the shades.

I also spent some time making decisions about the layout and fabrics for the sashing for the Noah's Ark quilt. On Friday I'm hoping to have this quilt top finished. Here are the bottom blocks that are already stitched together. I'm not completely convinced about using different coloured fabrics for the sashing but I can always unpick it if I'm not happy with the completed top.

Before writing this post Lucy and I took Missy for her evening walk. Since she came to live with us I've found I'm doing a lot more walking. She has settled in very well and we are getting to grips with training her. Currently she knows most of the commands but isn't yet consistent in doing what she's told. I had forgotten all the hard work of having a puppy but on the plus side she is a great companion. 

Tomorrow is another busy day so now I need to go to bed.

Take care



  1. The backing fabric is gorgeous & hope the quilting goes well. I'm a bit with you on the sashing for the embroideries and feel that maybe the yellow doesn't go with the paw print fabric. Maybe only colours from that fabric? Just a thought....... Glad you can get out for walks with Missy in your better weather, take care & hugs.

  2. Noah's Ark is coming along well. Lovely Missy to help you get more exercise. I bet she is growing.