Monday, 4 July 2022

Just the binding to do

Last week I had a few health appointments to attend. On Thursday I had my regular 6 monthly appointment with the oncology team. My blood results and check up were all good. Later that afternoon I had a dental appointment, just a checkup, but it always causes a worry in case the dentist finds a problem. First thing Friday morning I had an appointment with my podiatrist. It's always good to know you are fit and healthy!

The rest of Friday  I spent quilting the butterfly quilt.  Once done I had to decide on the binding. I had several possibilities but finally decided to use some of the rainbow paw prints. It didn't take long until the binding was attached to the front. Now all I have to do is stitch the binding to the back. So far I've completed 2 sides. I need this finished for Thursday as my colleague is then on maternity leave.

On Saturday Lucy and I took Missy and Aubrey for a walk to the common. Missy is very interested in the baby but is very well behaved when he is around. 

Aubrey is now 6 weeks old and very alert. I don't get anything done when he is visiting as he doesn't like to sleep as much as he should. We take him out for a long walk so that Katy can catch up on some sleep.

Missy is growing fast and keeps us on our toes. She loves her walks and also loves watching people pass the house from her seat on the rocking horse.

On Sunday I spent some time copying out a pattern to make a quilted jacket. It is one of the patterns from the sewing bee this year. I enjoyed watching this years programmes and really liked some of the patterns they made. I decided to make the jacket in black and white so once I'd copied the pattern I set to cutting my chosen fabrics into 4 inch squares. I need approximately 100 squares for the fronts and the sleeves. The back is made from different fabric but I would like to make the whole jacket in patchwork. These are the fabrics I pulled.

I haven't used all the fabrics from this selection. On my next sewing day I'll piece the squares together so I can cut out the pattern pieces. These are the fabrics I've used so far.

 I love the patterns on the black fabric in the centre.

The last few weeks have been tiring with Missy and I haven't had a lot of time for sewing. Now that she is older, has almost finished teething  and has been responded well to training, I have more time to get back to work on my various projects. Also Katy is much more settled with Aubrey, he is progressing well and getting into a routine. Life seems to be calming down. It was fun this weekend to get my machine out and get back into the swing of things. I've also restarted reading the blogs I follow and I'm hoping to get back to writing more blog posts.

For now I need to get on with stitching the binding. I'll post a photo of the completed quilt once it's finished. Once that's done I'll be able to complete Aubrey's quilt.

Take care



  1. Your appointment list sounds a bit like mine lately, though my podiatrist is on maternity leave and I'm sure the new one was trying to massacre my feet(giggle). Love the photo of family. Ah, a black & white jacket sounds interesting and we'll probably get that particular series of The Sewing Bee next year here. Look forward to seeing it come together & more blog posts too. Take care & hugs from down under.

  2. I love the Sewing Bee but I think we are probably a little behind with the series down here. Your patchwork jacket sounds very exciting, I'll be looking forward to seeing it progress. Lovely photo of your daughter and her lovely little baby, and I love the ond f Missy sitting on the rocking horse.