Monday, 29 May 2023

A slow month for stitching

May has been a bit of a challenge when it comes to getting projects finished. Work as usual got in the way but it wasn't the only problem. Aches and pains in my fingers as the weather warmed up didn't help as it meant I had problems holding the needle or moving the fabric when trying to use the machine. Even using the rotary cutter proved a little difficult. However I did manage to make my project for the rose coloured glasses blog hop which made me happy. Not being able to sew did mean I caught up a bit on my reading, finishing two books. The first was The retreat by Sarah Pearse. Detective Elin Warner uncovers the truth behind suspicious deaths on an island retreat. I enjoyed the story but I found it moved a little too slowly for me. However I will read the authors first book in this series. 

The second book, The Murders at Fleat House by Lucinda Riley totally captured my attention and I finished this book very quickly.

John and I did also enjoy a day trip to Frampton marshes and an overnight stay in Portsmouth. The first outing was a bird watching trip and the second was a 'scoping' visit to check out where to stay and identify things we wanted to visit. Since Portsmouth is near and has the historic dockyards we knew it would be interesting. We are now planning a weekend away to the area but that will have to wait until September as it gets very crowded during the summer.

On the stitching front I was pleased I'd finished my blog hop project but nothing else has moved forward. I'd added the binding to the tulip mini and had hoped to finish that in early May but it still isn't done. Today I'm going to be stitching the binding down while I watch another episode of Magpie murders this evening.

Monday is a bank holiday in the UK and John and I will be having a craft day once we've completed a couple of chores. I want to do some work on one of the dolls I'm making for the dolls house. I haven't done anything on this since I completed the sewing. I needed flexible fabric glue which I didn't have,  well I did have but it was so old it wouldn't come out of the tube!

I'm linking this post with Kathy from Kathy's Quilts for her Slow Stitching Sunday

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  1. Hope your hands improve & your days out always sound interesting. Look forward to hearing about them. The mini quilt is lovely & you said about your hands & realised that is one reason I've been slow of late is because of my chillblains which I get every winter, so know how frustrating it can be when they are hurting. We've a long weekend the 2nd one in June & I must remember to call it Kings Birthday holiday and not "Queens". Have a good week, take care & hugs from a cold, wet & windy down under.

  2. Oh dear, your old flexible glue was not at all flexible, a bit like people as we grow older. Sorry to read about your painful hands, that must be quite upsetting for you.

  3. Me too with the hand problems! We can stitch when our hands allow it - and read when they don't!