Monday, 16 July 2012

Sketchbook time

This weekend was very different from the last one in that I didn't get my sewing machine out once, or my cutting board or any material. Instead I got out my knitting needles and also my sketchbook.

A couple of weeks ago we asked our Guide unit what charity they would like to support for the coming year. Each girl was able to write her choices down. We looked at the resulting list and the votes were to support an animal charity. Following discussion they decided the charity would be in the UK and that they wanted to do something not just raise money. The girls had really enjoyed learning sewing skills with out Linus project over the last year and thought that they would like to learn another skill this coming year. Therefore Lucy and I have spent time looking at UK animal charities and what projects they have this year so we can tell the Guides on Wednesday. The girls had already suggested Battersea Dogs and Cats home and have indicated they would also like to visit the centre. Battersea currently have Whodunnknit to make purly paw print patchwork blankets for dogs. So I set out to knit some squares.

The paw prints on the squares come in 3 different sizes, small, medium and large. The minimum size blanket is made up of 25 squares but you just add more for larger dogs. Unfortunately the paw print doesn't show up very well in the photo.
On the individual square it shows up better. If the Guides like this idea all we have to do is teach them how to knit. Luckily there are a couple who can already knit. The squares are really easy and the pattern is on the Battersea website There are also patterns for cat dogs and dog coats.

Whilst visiting other blogs I came across The sketchbook challenge. This gives a theme for the month and the challenge is to do at least one sketchbook page on that theme. So on Saturday evening whilst watching TV I pulled out my sketchbook, colouring pens, drawing ink and brushes and enjoyed a fun couple of hours playing. This months theme is circles.These are the results.
This is colouring pencils.

For this one I covered the page with charcoal and then smudged the circles in with an eraser or my fingers. I was rather messy by the time I finished.

These two were made with drawing ink and a paint brush. the first one reminds me of Mary Quants black and white dresses.  The activity was certainly a change. 

I also spent time this weekend finalising my design for a little quilt swap I am going to take part in. I am not going to show it on my blog until it is complete and I have sent the photos of it to Kate who is organising it.


  1. I love your circles! last picture is very interesting!
    thank you for visiting my blog!
    hugs, Masha

    1. Thanks Masha. I love visiting other peoples blogs and seeing their work and ideas.
      I don't usually show anyone my sketchbook as I use it for doodles and ideas so it is really nice you liked the circles.