Wednesday, 4 July 2012

WISP Wednesday

I wasn't sure I was going to post a progress report on my millennium sampler as progress this week has been very slow. It has been a week where every time I picked it up and worked on an area I made a mistake and had to unpick it. However this morning I read Sharon's blog about WISP and reassessed what I had achieved. Although I haven't got as far as I wanted I have moved the work forward and even with the unpicking I have enjoyed working on it. 

The area I am working on is of Stephenson's locomotive 'Rocket' There is more done than appears on the photo as the chimney is white and so doesn't show up very well.

My plans for this week are to complete the Rocket and the area of King John's seal. As both areas are quite well advanced this should be achievable.

On Pintangle today Sharon talks about the reasons for slow progress on projects and gives some useful tips on how to keep them moving forward. She emphasises that we shouldn't always expect projects to be finished quickly as hand crafted items take time. I think this is most important to remember in today's world where everything happens so quickly. Although this piece of work has taken a long time to get to the present point I have really enjoyed working on it and I have also found myself reading about the events I am cross stitching. So fun and learning rolled into one.

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