Thursday 23 August 2012

Festival of Quilts 2012 - Part 3

In the last post about the festival of quilts I showed some photos of quilts from the 'gift of quilts' project. If you would like to know more about this project which aimed to make a gift of a quilt to each participating country at the Olympics and Para-Olympics in London 2012 click here and the link will take you to the website.There is also information on this website about the Special Olympics which takes place the year before the main Olympics. This is not the first time that quilts have been given at the Olympics but it is the first time that they have been given at the Para-Olympics. 

As well as this project there was also Quilts4London which made pennants for each of the participants at the event. An amazing achievement. The link will take you to the website to view some of the completed pennants. These were made by quilting groups, sewing groups, individuals, brownie and Guide units, in fact by anyone who wanted to join in.

Unfortunately I have misplaced my catalogue so I can't give you the names of the people who made the quilts but I will give you the numbers and the titles as I took photos of the tickets by the quilts. If anyone viewing this has a catalogue can you leave me a comment with the names. Unfortunately the first two photos I don't have the numbers for. I think I went into a 'child in the sweetie shop' moment and got so excited I forgot what I was doing.

 The next quilt no 59 by Kate Crossley is titled Kahr-Tog-Ruh-Fee. As you can see this is a really clever quilt map.

Still on the map theme quilt no 63 by Alicia Merrett is titled Canal Country.

No 64 Monsteriosity took me back to the late 60's and the 70's when Swiss Cheese plants were so popular. I loved how the leaves filled the space of the quilt.

Detail from the quilt showing the leaves going over the border just as the leaves of the plant took over all the space wherever you put them. This is a very striking quilt.

No 80 is Rhythm & blues. I love the guitar fabric and the overall quilt..

The next quilt no 75 Connection, had people standing and staring at it for some time. My husband loved this quilt but he and another man viewing it at the same time thought a better title would have been disconnection.

No 111 'In Russet mantle clad'  had very striking colours in it.

As soon as I saw this quilt I thought of my trip to Morocco many years ago so it was no surprise to find that quilt no 105 by Janet McCallum was titled 'Moroccan inspirations'. 

This quilt no 116 by Kathryn Chambers called Mandala is beautiful but I could not get the photo in focus. Even fuzzy it is a great quilt.

The final photo for today is of quilt 99 'Up in Smoke'. You can almost feel the trees burning and smell the smoke.
I really enjoyed my visit to the festival as the atmosphere was great and the visitors very friendly, wanting to chat and swap views on the quilts on display and their own projects. The quilts as the stars of the show were breath-taking.

I still have some more photos that I will posts at the weekend.

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