Monday, 6 August 2012

Tetris block 3 and a finish

Well with all the excitement of the Olympics not much sewing got done this weekend. I thought I could sew and watch but the sport this weekend proved just too exciting. Anyway I finally made the Tetris week 3 block. The colours are rather pale and only the sunflowers and the orange have any zing but it was all I could find without rummaging through cupboards. Again I fitted the pieces in the grid in the order they appeared in Melissa's list. Use the button on the right to go to Happy quilting and see what is happening.

The finish wasn't all my work. Lucy finished the quilt she had been making for her boyfriend. I helped her do the quilting and the binding. It has helped clear space for the next project.

Lucy is pleased with her first large quilt. Originally she was just going to quilt the nine patch in the ditch but in the end she quilted across the sashing as well and was very pleased with the result. It meant the quilting was much quicker to do and a lot less ends to bury. Better still Steve was pleased with his present. The backing has lots of elephants all over it.

I now need to get going on my little quilt swap and finish a couple of other projects. Unfortunately however it will have to wait until I have caught up with the ironing and house work.