Monday 20 August 2012

Festival of Quilts 2012 - Part 2

I really enjoyed my day at the Festival of quilts in Birmingham. Everyone was so friendly and there was a lot of chatting about the quilts and about quilting. The visitors were mainly women but there was a handful of men. Some of the men were quilters but most, like my husband had gone along with their wives or girlfriends. Many were sporting cameras and their job was to take the photos whilst their partners enjoyed the quilts. Quite a few people were there on trips with their quilting or sewing group.

Anyway here are some more photos. I apologise that I am not able to say who made the quilts having misplaced my catalogue but I will give you the competitor number and the quilt title and if anyone has the information I can add the names later.

This is a handmade bed of olive ash. The headboard quilt is double sided and as well as the bed quilt there is also a hidden valance all entitled 'Forest of Dreams' by Melinda Schwakhofer. It was amazing and many people stopped to admire it and read the information about it. Unfortunately the lighting by it wasn't brilliant so getting a good photo proved difficult.

No 848  was from Sweden and also attracted a lot of comments. the display was very colourful and had delightful designs on them.

The next three quilts were stash quilts. This one is by Anni Strumann whose partner was Jill Packer.

African Footprints by Anne Thistlethwaite whose partner was Heike Heldberg really caught my eye.

The wishing tree by Lucy Poland whose partner was unknown was also very popular. Unfortunately I managed to cut the top and bottom off the quilt.

As a Brownie Guide leader I was pleased to see this quilt by 1st Aldbourne Brownies in Wiltshire. I bet they had fun making it.

My husband liked this quilt. It is one of the the quilts inspired by the cultural Olympiad. The project 'a gift of quilts' whose patron is Kaffe Fassett gave one quilt to each participating country in the 2012 Olympics. 7 of these quilts were on display. 

Detail from another of the quilts.

The flowers on this quilt received a lot of praise from visitors.

Detail from the same quilt.

Unfortunately I need to finish my post now as it is getting rather late. So part 3 will follow tomorrow.

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