Thursday 23 August 2012

WIP wednesday - stamp collection blocks.

There has been some progress this week on my scrappy quilt I am making for my daughter Lucy. This quilt is using some of the good pieces of an older patchwork quilt and combining it with new quilt blocks. All the blocks are 12inches and I am quilting as I go. This week I spent some time making some stamp collection blocks. I use the fusible method for this and they are easy and fun to make. I managed to get three made this week. The squares are one and a half inches to cut out and this is what takes the time. The squares have to be accurately cut for the method to work.

The tedious bit of these blocks is pressing the seams The one block is almost pressed but the other is only half done. The squares are all placed randomly. I need to get this quilt finished as Lucy wants to take it back to university with her and she starts back at the end of September. However I do find a fixed deadline helps me be more focused on a project.

I also started the scroll work on my millennium sampler.

I have also finished all but one of the borders between the individual pictures and added some more individual stitches across the sampler. 

All in all a good week of moving forward on my big projects.

As promised part 3 of the Festival of Quilts photos will be posted later today or tomorrow morning.

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