Sunday 30 September 2012

Another Little Quilt Swap

Today I am linking up with Barbara at Catpatches for her NewFO. For NewFo you don't have to finish something. Instead you have to start a new project over the month - or more than one if you like - with no pressure to finish it. The button for this link is on the right of this post.

My new project for September is a mini quilt that I have made for a swap. I actually designed this swap in August but didn't start to make it until September. The idea came from a painting I did back in 2004 of a clematis growing in our garden. I slightly altered the design to fit the quilt which had to be 12 inches square when complete. So the starting point for my quilt was this design.

I drew the design full size to make it easier for myself.

To do the appliqué I used freezer paper onto which I traced the design. I cut out the leaves individually from the freezer paper but cut the flower as a whole item. I ironed the freezer paper onto the fabric I was using which I had previous backed with iron on fusible. I used the lightest weight fusible I could find as I didn't want the design to be stiff when completed. I cut round the freezer paper template, peeled off the fusible backing paper and ironed it in place on my backing fabric. I should have taken photos of the different stages but unfortunately didn't think of it until I had finished. However I will remember next time.

I stitched round the outline of the petals and leaves using buttonhole stitch and chain stitch. I used three strands of stranded embroidery thread for the outlines.  Once that was done I added detail to the leaves and used Portugese knotted stem stitch for the stems using all six strands of the embroidery thread to give a thicker stem. The knots add a lovely texture to the stitch. Finally I stitched pearl seed beads and thread beads to the centre of each flower. 

I used heritage cotton wadding and the quilt is hand quilted using a variegated thread that picks up the pink and the green from the flowers and leaves. To pull the whole design together I used the same green fabric used for the leaves as the binding.

So not only a new project for September but also a project finished. I can guarantee that next months start will not be a finish for quite some time as I have a big project I am about to start, I just need to get my fabrics together.


  1. This is so pretty, Lyndsey. I love it. And look at you with the hand quilting.

  2. It's beautiful, I love the embellishments!

  3. Beautifully done! Love all the detail work you've added.

  4. What a lovely quiltlet. Are you going to share that beautiful design?

  5. Very pretty! Love those beads/buttons you used in the center of the flowers.

  6. what a great project from the start to finish. It is beautiful. thank you for stopping by my blog during the 'leaf' hop.