Friday, 6 November 2015

A Friday finish

It's the first Friday in November and I'm excited because for the first time in ages I have a Friday finish. My progress with projects has been really slow this year due to work commitments and a few family crises. I'm trying to have a more balanced life and make more time for my hobbies. 

I have two finishes this week. The first one is the little table topper I made for the halloween haunts blog hop. When I posted it on the 28th October it was just the top but before halloween I had finished the quilting and the binding.

The backing for the topper is very autumnal and so perfect for the time of year. I'm not sure why the photo is so dark. I'm hoping my camera isn't going wrong again.

My second finish is the turtle quilt. This piece of fabric was designed and screen printed by my son Richard when he was at school in year 10 (age 14/15). The fabric has been in my fabric stash and finally made it to the top of the pile to be worked on.

I got home from work after it had got dark so when I finished stitching the binding I had problems getting the photo. I'll take some more in the light tomorrow.

The turtles are outlined, there is a large meander over the cream background and straight line quilting on the sashing. I think the orange binding finishes the quilt perfectly. I still need to finish making the label for this quilt. I haven't always made quilt labels for my quilts but I want to from now on.

Yesterday was bonfire night (also known as firework night) here in the UK. This is celebrated every 5th November to remember Guy Fawkes and the gunpowder plot to blow up the King in the House of Lords in 1605. You can read more about the plot here Guy Fawkes was arrested and the plot foiled and we now get to enjoy lots of fireworks, parties and tasty food every year. When I was a child we used to have the bonfires on November 5th but now the main fireworks happen at the weekend. This evening the fireworks were incredibly loud and John and I went outside to see what was going on. We were delighted by a fabulous display that seemed to go on for ages. I hadn't got my camera or I would have posted a picture for you. If they are more tomorrow I'll remember to take photos.

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  1. Your pumpkin is wonderful and the turtles? Oh my goodness! Awesome!