Tuesday, 3 November 2015

A hair cut

The 3rd of November and I've managed to do some stitching each day which is making me very happy. I started the day by cutting the fabric for my kitchen curtains. I also had the lining to cut. The fabric was already folded along its length and this meant it was a quick job to measure the length and cut using my trusted rotary cutter. The lining was a different matter. The fabric was on a roll at its full width and so I had to fold it in half lengthways in order to make it more manageable to be able to cut it.

I soon had a neat pile of fabric ready to be stitched. I had other things to do today so I'll start work on the curtains tomorrow.

I needed to visit the fabric shop. I was short of a fabric to make the binding for my turtle quilt and I also wanted the header tape for my kitchen curtains. This gave me an opportunity for a little exercise as the shop is about a mile and a half away. So a win win activity, a walk of about 3 miles and I got the fabric I needed. 

This afternoon Scamp was booked at the groomers. This photo was taken on the 3rd October and is the most recent photo I had of him. As you can see he is a little shaggy and of course his hair was even longer with the extra months growth. In fact his fringe was so long he could hardly see out from under it. 

Scamp dragged me into the shop so he obviously wanted a good bath and he seems to prefer to have short fur. He really does look a little cutie and much younger with short fur.

Before he went into the groomers we took a walk along the Thames. There have been some very high tides recently and the path was very muddy and slippy. The walk helped to add to my milage so I was feeling very happy and Scamp was nice and calm for his grooming session. 

When we got home our older daughter was visiting so tea and chatting was required after which we  drove her home. By then the evening was getting on and I wanted to watch a programme on TV and do some hand sewing. A great way to finish up a good day.

Tomorrow I plan to start the stitching on the curtains and cut and attach the binding to the turtle quilt. If I have any time left I need to make some blocks for the rainbow scrap challenge as I'm getting behind. I also need to catch up on some housework.



  1. Housework...what is that? A thoroughly cute little dog.

  2. Your little dog is adorable.