Monday 23 November 2015

Great Sunday stitching.

Today has been a good stitching day with some machine work and some slow stitching. On Saturday evening I stitched the quarter square triangles and trimmed them. The trimmed pile looked so neat and tidy. I also cut the sashing ready for stitching this morning.

I managed to get the sashing attached and the rows put together. I also stitched together the outer borders.

Tomorrow I will add the inner bordesr and hopefully add the pieced outer border as well. I'm hopeful this will be a completed top by Friday. 

At the start of today I had a neat pile of hexies. 

This afternoon whilst watching Pride and Prejudice (the BBC version with Colin Firth) I stitched this block together. As I hadn't put the machine away I sewed the block to the backing fabric. Here's all the blocks with the brown one in the middle.

I was going to make extra blocks for this quilt but I decided to leave it with the 12 blocks. Now I need to decide on the colour for the sashing and then there's the borders to think about. Sometimes John complains that I seem miles away when I've been sewing but all I'm doing is trying to visualise the blocks with different colours next to them. I think I'll have to surf through my stash to see if I have anything suitable.

Scamp usually sits on my lap when I'm stitching but today he snuggled in his basket. I got him a new pillow for his basket as the old one was all flat. He would spend ages pushing the old pillow around trying to make it more comfortable. With the new one he turned a couple of circles and then settled down for a long nap.

Picasso tried to push him out of the basket but Scamp wasn't giving way. Now that the weather has turned cold Picasso isn't keen on being outside but he doesn't know what to do with himself in doors. All summer long he's a very active cat and then he has to slow down for the winter but it takes him a while to get used to the idea.

I'm linking this post with Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching Go and take a look at the projects being worked on this week. 



  1. I love the dog embroideries--that is one I want to make some day! Well done!

  2. What lovely autumnal colours for your hexagon block. I too go off into quilt-related reveries, which my husband also complains about!!

  3. Oh boy, your doggy quilt looks great! Love your hexies too.